Daytime running lights market need to maintain a sense of balance

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When the reporter asked for the dealer is only recognized days running lights do not recognize the quality of the brand phenomenon, Yao total frankly this is a good phenomenon. When a product in the import of the time

Throughout the interview process,Guest Posting in the face of the current status and future market prospects of daytime running lights, Yao total state of mind is always very calm. In his view, any one product in the market introduction phase, goes through the process of a customer wait and see, this is a normal phenomenon. "The market for the daytime running lights required to maintain a normal stop and good products, is the current best market strategy."

 High imitation, fake, counterfeit prevalent car market, the automotive lighting industry can not be spared, natural quality running lights can not be ignored. Then the moment the quality of daytime running lights on the market, the quality of daytime running lights is to rely on to support .... With such questions reporters ask Yao total.

    Mentioned the quality of the running lights, Yao and the overall tone, revealed a trace of concern. Waterproofing, sealing, cooling, circuit processing industry, which daytime running lamp manufacturers are common fatal problem, each of these problems must be seriously addressed to ensure in order to ensure the quality of daytime running lights. "

    For what is a good standard daytime running lights, Yao said that the total customer satisfaction, daytime running lights valuable. "In the use of the time, the customer will not have too much rework, this is a good light; the needs of customers is beautiful, and daytime running lights do very beautiful, this is a good light; need to understand where is the focus of the customer." In the interview Guo Cheng Zhongyao the total repeatedly stressed that the most important thing is customer satisfaction, rather than behind closed doors Huabing cake, painting good-looking, customer dissatisfaction, reflects not the value of the product.

    When the reporter asked for the dealer is only recognized day running lights do not recognize the quality of the brand phenomenon, Yao total frankly this is a good phenomenon. When a product in the import of the time, talked about the number of brands is a lie, first job pretty well the product, followed by the brand naturally accumulated. Yao always thought, is a name of loyalty, reputation and visibility in one. Single well-known products can not be called a brand, the product itself, determines the brand can go far.

    "The price difference depends on the market in the daytime running lights slowly closer to

    Reporters before one pair of dealer interviews, daytime running lights on the market prices that much difference, there are dozens, there are tens of thousands, this is such a large price difference is what is what causes .

    Yao total told reporters that the main reason to cause the price of daytime running lights price difference is the price of the car special and general daytime running lights is not directly proportional.Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.   Car dedicated daytime running lights funds invested heavily in product development cycle is slow, and these need to be invested. Product into the general-purpose running lights only need to purchase the lamp beads, do light bar, and then put something on it. Many places in Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing, fifty or sixty, seventy to eighty-priced daytime running lights are normal.

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