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The intelligent display device can easily adapts to the changing dynamics of the task, and also supports interoperability and future technological improvements

According to the Russian Army Guide "reported on April 25,Guest Posting 2012, General Dynamics Canada, Ltd. shows the newly developed SD8000 series of smart display devices. It uses Intel's third-generation quad-core processors, military vehicles to help meet the key limitations of the computer requirements for battlefield management.

A new generation of smart display devices in the latest commercial computer technology for the battlefield, but also better to keep the vehicle's size, weight and power. With the previous dual-core smart display devices computing power compared to the quad-core processor performance doubling. Enhanced through the use of power efficiency and video capabilities of 3D graphics, as well as the third generation of Intel Core family of processors, so that the processor speed while providing critical computing power. This solid super display device is first used for ground combat vehicles, through natural convection cooling to meet stringent military standards.

Characteristics of the display device including a touch screen, multi-display and audio input channel, streaming and snapshot video capture, multiple vehicle bus interfaces, wireless communications, and has the ability to network voice telephony (VoIP). Important components include an embedded ground-based GPS receiver application module (GB-GRAM), multiple I / O ports and a solid-state hard drive, and also integrates Intel's virtualization technology to enable them to MILS standard for high assurance security architecture for the control information.

The intelligent display device can easily adapt to the changing dynamics of the task, and also supports interoperability and future technological improvements. This product has been used in the U.S. Army's ground combat vehicles, including Mine Resistant Ambush car, Stryker and Bradley fighting vehicles.

 With 8090 after in all sectors of society gradually emerged, the car already is not a means of transport, and will gradually become a way of life of young people. EU daytime running lights installed as a standard car modification, daytime running lights in the domestic market has gradually opened up and sought after by young people. Single set aside the appearance of the daytime running lights do not say, in frequent traffic accidents, daytime running lights, warning role in has on others is a protection.

    Daytime running lights started going to the domestic market soon, how to market feedback, the prospects of daytime running lights will, in what way to open up the market, industry insiders have always been concerned. Shenzhen Wei Yiu photoelectric recently introduced a new daytime running lights, HC automotive electronics special interview with the general manager of Wei Yao-Yao Bu Qing. Wei Yao-launch of the new daytime running lights, Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.  Yao revealed that total, the biggest selling point of the market is active safety and passive safety, in the penetration of rain and fog weather. Specifically for active safety and passive Anquan Yao always explain some active safety is driving people to take the initiative to improve safety awareness, passive safety, daytime running lights Always play the role of a warning pedestrians on the road to see the lights will take the initiative to avoid thereby reducing the accident rate.

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