Electrification of Global Bus Air Conditioning Market

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In the past five years, buses and coaches have achieved rapid growth driven by new energy. The road passenger transport market will face more severe challenges.

As a unique market segment of the automobile industry,Guest Posting the bus industry shoulders the social responsibility of public transportation and carries the demand transformation of travel reform. We can say that the bus industry not only plays a pioneering role in electric upgrades, but also leads the pioneer of smart cities. link. In this era of winning stock, bus companies must pay close attention to the five major upgrade needs of fleet, passengers, city, transportation and technology, and take into account both internal and external upgrades to achieve competitiveness.

At Guchen Industry, we see this demand as our driving force as customers are increasingly demanding climate comfort when they are riding city buses/coaches. In addition to traditional bus air conditioners, now Guchen can also provide new energy inverter bus air conditioners. Guchen Industry has mastered the bus air conditioner cooling technology for decades, and all technologies are market-certified and continuously developed. Likewise, customers can rely on Guchen's advantages: all bus air conditioners are characterized by easy maintenance and long service life.


Comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly

With Guchen bus HVAC units, getting into a hot bus will be a thing of the past, even when the bus is waiting under the scorching sun. Using Guchen Industry technology, the speed of the bus ac compressor can be increased by more than 70%. Ensure a more comfortable interior environment without increasing emissions to damage the environment and reduce fuel consumption.


New energy inverter bus air conditioner

The rooftop electric bus air conditioner uses DC400-720V power supply and 24V control power supply. The cooling capacity of 16-32KW and the heating capacity of 15-30KW ensure a pleasant temperature in the 6-12-meter passenger bus. The product has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. The air outlet is directly sent into the air ducts on both sides of the vehicle, which is easy to install.


Characteristic of All electric Bus Air Conditioning Technology

ÆMaterial: High-strength, high-weather-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, ultra-thin streamlined design, beautiful and generous.

ÆEnergy saving: The air conditioning system is connected to the CAN bus network of the whole vehicle, and the whole vehicle carries out the energy saving strategy control, advanced frequency conversion technology, soft start intelligent control, no impact on the power supply, and realizes the self-adaptive adjustment of the temperature inside the vehicle, with automatic temperature control and manual control. Adjustment functions and energy-saving operating modes.

ÆEnvironmental protection: R407c high-efficiency new environmentally friendly refrigerant.

ÆMulti-selective: It has dual functions of cooling and heating, and can flexibly adopt heat pump or heat pump + PTC auxiliary heating mode according to the climate characteristics of different regions.

ÆHigh reliability: The electrical and refrigeration components are from international and domestic famous brands to ensure product performance and reliability.

ÆHigh safety: The product is designed with high and low pressure protection, temperature protection, motor overheating or overcurrent protection and multi-level reinforced insulation protection and other safety protection measures, the product is safe and reliable.

ÆElectric scroll compressor for vehicle air conditioner. Guchen Industry offers several different series of refrigeration compressors, including 24CC/34CC electric ac compressor, Bock FK Compressor, Bitzer 4NFCY Compressor, Bitzer 4PFCY Compressor, Bitzer 4TFCY Compressor, Bitzer 4UFCY Compressor, Valeo TM Compressor, these compressors cover 5 -12m small, medium and large air-conditioned coaches. They are easy to install, reliable and efficient, so they have considerable sales every year.

ÆThe system has high temperature control accuracy, bringing passengers a comfortable ride experience

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