How to Choose a Truck Refrigeration Unit?

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Refrigeration Unit is one of the most essential components in a refrigerated truck. It will directly affect cargo quality. It is a must-have knowledge for every drivers to know how to choose the most reliable refrigeration unit.

In recent years,Guest Posting the development of cold chain logistics has been very rapid, and refrigerated trucks are a very important part of cold chain transportation. Therefore, the use of refrigerated trucks has been greatly improved. The composition of refrigerated trucks is mainly composed of chassis, carriages, and transport refrigeration unit. Before buying a refrigerated truck, many friends will wonder how to choose a reliable truck refrigeration unit?



  1. Refrigerated Vehicle refrigeration units are generally divided into independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units.

As the name suggests, an independent refrigeration unit means that the refrigeration unit has a separate power source and can work independently without being restricted by the working state of the engine. A non-independent refrigeration unit means that the unit itself has no power device and cannot work alone. It must rely on the engine to drive refrigeration compressor to work.


  1. Choose according to the length of the carriage:

People can select an independent refrigeration unit or a non-independent refrigeration unit depending on the body size of the refrigerated vehicles.

From the point of view of truck length, non-independent units are most suitable for refrigerated trucks with a body of less than 6 meters and a container volume of 4 to 31 cubic meters; For refrigerated trucks with a body of more than 6 meters, choose independent units;

According to different vehicles (truck, trailer etc.), different independent refrigeration units are used.

For trucks, medium-sized independent refrigeration units are used;

For trailers, semi-trailers, large transport refrigeration unitsare selected.

You can choose flexibly according to your needs. After all, It depends on the requirements of your different goods. The best for you is the best.


  1. Choose according to the temperature requirements of the goods being shipped:

Different goods have different requirements for temperature. Different reefer units should be choose. For example, the delivery of ice cream and other frozen foods generally requires a low temperature of -18 degrees, and the transportation of cold meat requires a temperature of -5 degrees. Different fresh fruits and vegetables require different temperatures.

Especially for the cold chain transportation of vaccines and medicines with special requirements for transportation temperature. Therefore, you can choose a freezer unit or a truck chiller unit according to the temperature requirements of the goods.

In addition, some goods require the refrigeration unit to have a defrosting function during transportation. This should be clearly understood when choosing.


  1. Choose according to transportation mileage:

The transportation mileage also will affect your selection of refrigeration units.

The non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable for short-distance transportation in towns, and the cost is lower for short transportation distances. Basically, carriages below 6 meters are more frequently used.

For long-distance transportation, the non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable, even if the engine stops working during the loading and unloading rest, the refrigeration unit can work normally.

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