How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Unit for Refrigerated Truck?

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There are various types of transport refrigeration systems, for example independent refrigeration units and non-independent ones. These 2 types of truck units are mainly classified according to their power driven system.

We can also divide TRU into integrated truck refrigeration units and split ones in accordance with their product structure design. Then what types of trucks are they separately suitable for? How to choose a right TRU for your refrigerated vehicles? Guchen Thermo will gather specific information about the following 2 essential selection tips to ensure that the refrigeration unit proposed is suited to your exact transportation needs.



Choose "independent refrigeration unit" or "non-independent refrigeration unit" according to transport distance and dimension of your refrigerated vehicles


The main advantage of the independent refrigerated truck unit is that it can work independently,Guest Posting that is, it has its own power source. When the engine of refrigerated truck is off, rest in the service area, breakdown of the truck, or vehicle engine fails when loading or unloading, the refrigerator truck can still keep working normally to ensure the cargo in its desired temperature range. The operation of the independent refrigerating unit is relatively stable. In general, independent units are more suitable for long-distance transportation and have lower risks.

Its disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive. Because of the additional power system, the maintenance is also more complicated.

If you are long-term long-distance transportation, and the refrigerated truck is above 7m, or the cargo you are transporting has high temperature requirements, below minus 10 degrees, then the independent unit is the best choice

Conversely, non-independent refrigeration systems are best for short-distance refrigerated transportation.

Guchen Thermo recommends: refrigerated vehicle owners can choose the right refrigeration units based on transportation mileage/distance.

In addition, as the independent refrigeration unit has an extra power system than the non-independent one, its volume is larger and it is suitable for refrigerated vehicles with larger compartments.

Guchen Thermo’s recommendation: the compartment body is larger than 6m, choose Independent refrigeration unit; for refrigerated vehicles with a compartment body of less than 6m and a volume of 4-31m, select non-independent refrigeration units.



Choose refrigeration units with different powers according to the desired temperature

Different goods have different requirements for the temperature in the compartment. For example,

Æthe transportation temperature of cabbage, spinach and other stem and leaf vegetables is about 0,

Æwhile the temperature of fresh aquatic products generally requires 2-8,

ÆSome special medicines or blood products need to reach a low temperature of -15.

To meet different temperature requirements, the corresponding refrigeration power is different. Generally, the lower the ambient temperature requirement, the higher the power of the truck refrigerator unit.

Therefore, when choosing a correct TRU, knowing exactly the desired temperature of your cargoes, and then select the best matched cooling capacity. After than, choosing the suitable truck refrigeration unit model.


The above is Guchen Thermo's simple guidance on transport refrigeration unit selection method. I wish it can be helpful to everyone. In the actual selection, refrigerated vehicle owners may encounter more selection confusion, such as what structure to choose, how much power to choose, what installation method to choose, etc. If there are more questions, please feel free to consult Guchen Thermo.


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