How to Use Steam Cleaners as Car Wash Equipment

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Auto detailing business needs many different types of car wash machines which are easily and effectively clean autos. Steam cleaners are very useful to clean car and autos. Here some info about how to use steam cleaners as car wash equipment.

The Internet seems to show crazy results when one searches for car wash equipment. It appears that virtually every cleaning machine can be used as car wash equipment. If a machine can clean anything,Guest Posting it can surely clean an automobile, right?

Fortunately, people do not often buy just any cleaning machine for use as car wash equipment. Most buyers conduct extensive research, seek expert opinions and normally buy specially-designed, top-grade carpet cleaners, pressure washers, or steam cleaners for cleaning vehicles. However, it is important to recognize that each of these machines should be used for distinct detailing applications.

This article provides tips on how to use steam cleaning machines as car wash equipment. But, before going into more depth on the subject, it is better to have a general understanding about automobile detailing.

What Is Automobile Detailing?
Automobile detailing is the process of cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of automobiles. The interior surfaces are soft, for example, carpets, mats, and seat upholstery. On the other hand, exterior surfaces are hard, such as the body of the vehicle and engine parts.

In an ideal situation, one would use a soft surface cleaner, such as a carpet cleaner, for interior cleaning and a hard surface cleaner, such as a pressure washer, for cleaning exterior surfaces. Is there a single machine that can clean both exterior and interior surfaces? The answer is unfortunately no.

And, it doesn't end there. What about those interior hard surfaces, like the dashboard, center console, windows, etc.? Pressure cleaners are too powerful and expel too much water to clean such surfaces, and carpet cleaners simply don't offer the correct cleaning capabilities. It is for this reason that top detailers are turning to steam cleaners for such interior hard surface cleaning applications.

The following tips provide more details about the use of steam cleaners as car wash equipment for both exterior and interior cleaning.

Steam Cleaners for Vehicle Cleaning
Steam cleaners are basically hard surface cleaners. These machines clean with their high temperature, dry steam output. They work by ejecting the output onto the surface to be cleaned, which results in the melting of dirt and impurities.

Portable steam cleaners, when used for auto detailing can clean hard surfaces as well as spot clean mats and carpets. However, portable steam cleaners are not an all-in-one machine. They are great for cleaning windows, dashboards, and steering wheels as well as spot cleaning carpets, but are not ideal for cleaning exteriors, as the scrubbing action can scratch paint, or for complete upholstery/carpet cleaning.

Tips to Buy
It is better to buy high-pressure car wash machines with output temperatures of about 250°F for steam car wash. These auto detailing machines melt the stains and dirt present on automotive exteriors. However, when it comes to to using dry steam cleaners for interior hard surfaces and windows, higher steam temperatures can be used, up to 386°F.

Always opt for equipment from top suppliers. Not only are these systems backed by extended warranties, they are also often paired with all of the attachments and accessories you need to get the job done well.

Tips to Use
One must very careful when using steam cleaners as mobile car wash systems. These machines provide high temperature outputs. The cleaning workers must ensure that no soft surfaces, such as paper, linen, or plastic come in the way of the machine’s output.

In addition, extreme care must be taken when cleaning vehicle bodies. Dry steam should never be used to clean painted exterior surfaces. Due to the low water content of the output, constant wiping is necessary – which may scratch painted surfaces.

That said, steam cleaner machines are some of the most efficient mobile car wash machines available. To learn more about their uses, contact a premium cleaning equipment distributor today.

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