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It is always recommended that before changing the season, you must take your car for a health check-up to the trusted service centre. Following are the major key points you need to concern about.

Warming up your car

You must warm up your vehicle during the winters before you start moving. In contrast,Guest Posting it is right that the mechanical elements inside have evolved greatly and is not at risk of facing any problems that older cars tend to have. However, most mechanics still recommend warming up the car before you start driving. Overall, warming up your car assures that the engine oil present inside covers every corner and nook of the engine. Hence once you start to move, the engine's insides are thoroughly lubricated. This reduces the levels of wear and tear in the engine. The best practice is to let your car warm up for around 2-4 minutes before moving.

Battery health

Summer heat is the biggest enemy of your car battery's, and it is a well-established fact. If the battery power is low or about to get exhausted, it means the battery has a chance of dying off during the winter. We already know distilled water is present inside the battery and plays a major role in the chemical reaction. But If this distilled water freezes during the reaction, it may cause permanent, irreplaceable damage to the cells.

Tyre air pressure during winters

One of the more important things to take care of your car on our cold weather is your tyre air pressure. Air works in a straightforward natural mechanism which applies universally. When a wheel becomes hotter, it expands, and when it cools down, it contracts. Inside your wheel, these effects are seen in terms of air pressure. During the summer, the tyre air pressure in your car increases and during the winters, the pressure decreases. Thus, it is recommended that you perform air pressure checks more frequently than you would normally.


The windshield is also one of the most important components in your car. During winter, mist and fog can gather over your windshield, especially in the morning. This has a direct effect on your visibility, which can make your drive a lot riskier than usual. Fog is typically caused by a difference in temperature between the exterior and the interior of the car.

This fog can be removed altering the same and minimizing the temperature difference, which causes its occurrence in the first place. You can also prevent the occurrence of this fogging on the whole by placing a dehumidifier pack inside the cabin.

How does it work?

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