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One industry source said that in the domestic car navigation systems, low-cost general is to install the pirated maps

Subsequently,Guest Posting the reporter went to the Cultural Road a car beauty shop, the owner is very enthusiastic to recommend several navigation systems, the price ranging from 500 yuan to 800 yuan. "Navigator this or 7-inch screen is too small not see the word, too, then, the car does not fit." The owner picked up a navigator subsection navigator reverse image function, is easy to use. According to a sales staff, though they are the navigator, but the manufacturer, the screen size and function, the price difference. Beauty shop for a car in the high-Olympic Torch Road, manager Liu Zhenning to reporters a value of 1980 yuan external navigator, the navigator is a genuine map, just under the registration number to upgrade.

    Reporters found that the built-in navigator market. An auto repair shop staff said that many owners have chosen to install the built-in car navigation systems, their monthly able to install five or six. "Built-in navigation systems not only for navigation, as well as reversing the visual radar, Bluetooth handsfree, DVDs, FM, and other functions, different models, the price of the brand are not the same, but the price is mostly in the more than 4000 yuan. Interview, many The owners told reporters that the number of varieties and prices of the navigator, so that they feel at a loss at the time of purchase.

    One industry source said that in the domestic car navigation systems, low-cost general is to install the pirated map. Due to the use of pirated map Navigation manufacturers without having to pay the costs of the purchase diagram, they tend to use some no-name parts for assembly.

    Interview, the reporter learned that some owners in the purchase of Navigator was business, due to cheaper plans or flicker, bought to install pirated map navigator, which allows them to encounter a lot of trouble in the road on the way.

    Public Mr. Zhao told reporters that year "51" mini vacation, a drive to Jinan to play. Not familiar with the road conditions before departure he spent more than 800 yuan to buy an external navigator.

The owner vowed to assure him that this navigator navigation map is absolutely genuine, according to the instructions prompt will be able to free upgrades. "I never thought the way to go, we are this navigator to the harm done." Zhao said, the way he high-speed under the direction of the navigator, did not think it entered an unknown small village roads are narrow car dvd player and in car dvd player was only one car through. Even worse is the navigator actually failed, repeating the Road updates are loading a new map. In desperation, he had to turn off the navigation device, and rely on to find out all the way to find the road leading to Jinan.

    Members of the public Mr Liu also have similar experiences. Two months ago, he bought a new car, the friend, he went to the Urban an auto supply store, spent more than 3000 yuan operation panel of the car CD replaced by built-in car navigation, the navigator very good use of urban driving. On one occasion, he drove to Yantai, Yantai's some sections of the road, resulting in the failure of navigator in the provincial highway around for several laps before entering the district of Yantai city. After entering the city, the Navigator continues to prompt him to turn left, but he was with the intuitive feel wrong, they did not listen to, but looking at the road signs all the way driving, this did not result in the violation. This after his car navigation systems are no longer so trusting.

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