Shanghai gm 1 month total sales of 127443 cars

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Luxury brand Cadillac sales in January of 2987 vehicles, up 18%, in the beginning of the dragon won a good start to the season. The month of sale of 2132 cars SRX, up by as much as 38.545%, not only further consolidate its in luxury SUV market star status.

Shanghai gm Chevrolet,Guest Posting Cadillac, buick, qi brand three arrows, for 2012 years good start to the seasonCadillac SRX year-on-year growth of 38.5%, and to be the most popular imported intermediate luxury suvs; The Chevrolet families spent the average monthly sales over 15000 vehicles; The sales of nearly 20000 buick lang, become intermediate car high-end market new playersFeb. 1, 2012, following the 2011 sales of renewed domestic passenger vehicles annual sales record high, Shanghai general motors ushered in the 2012 years of monthly sales make a good beginning. According to the latest data statistics, this year 1 month of Shanghai gm auto sales were 127443 cars, 58% month-on-month growth, and with every day on average sales 7497 cars makes its new record sales success. Three major brands of diversified rich products in different segments of the market squad their excellences, make Shanghai general motors ushered in a single wonderful start.Buick brand sales in January 71056 cars. In the intermediate car high-end market, the new buick main lang XT and GT together to create the 19787 cars sales effectiveness, of which the lang GT bicycle sales of 15189 vehicles. Since the lang since listing, 150000 yuan of above of high-end vehicles accounted for more than 60% of sales than, further consolidate the intermediate car high-end market leading position. The intensified competition in the senior car market, buick "double king" January sales of 17162 cars, luxury car JunYue buick contributed 9402 cars, two product to continue to lead the car DVD senior car market differentiation positioning. Following last won a single brand annual sales champion after, buick KaiYue had shaped new hotspots in January, sales to 28680 cars, again confirm the buick KaiYue in its home market of Kings of intermediate position. And the other a CheTan "the evergreen tree"-buick GL8 series continues the last year's excellent market performance, 1 month with 65% of the annulus comparing high growth, continue to lead large MPV market.The Chevrolet brand January total sales to 53400 cars. When the Chevrolet division 1 month form main sales as high as 22711 vehicles, up to now, families of the cumulative inclusion in China has already sold over 520000 vehicles, the average monthly sold more than 15000 vehicles, become the Chevrolet brands in China the rapid growth of main hero. In the second hand car salvage value, notorious for three years, also in segments of the market first, become the highest BaoZhiLv Cenozoic mainstream intermediate car. After the purchase has been listed "national ideal home its" Chevrolet new SaiOu sales in January 21439 cars, car segment the market economy led home, and to highlight the market performance turned steadily on pin "twenty thousand a club". The Chevrolet division palmer's 104% year-on-year growth of realization, showed up, with its beauty is both strength and urban style of product characteristic, continue to the young man and Chevrolet young family into mainstream brand vitality. That is the senior new car market focus-Chevrolet Wallace sharp treasure is listed in February. This money was born in gm's global most advanced senior car platform, with god in the form of the combination of both enjoy the advantage products will open all the time series of the Chevrolet new chapter.Luxury brand Cadillac sales in January of 2987 vehicles, up 18%, in the beginning of the dragon won a good start to the season. The month of sale of 2132 cars SRX, up by as much as 38.5%, not only further consolidate its in luxury SUV market star status, more become a best seller imported intermediate luxury suvs. Cadillac CTS family annulus comparing growth 27%, among them with and xu jinglei CTS Coupe to deduce "refused to mediocrity" and in urban business war love blockbuster "close the enemy of the good" rob mirror "again, gathered popularity, its fashion a forward-looking design modelling, deeply fashion people favour, continue to appear on the market the demand since the momentum. And winter comfortable version of car they get out, make the backup camera product configuration of the SLS has further rich, are more and more business elite recognition, market sales steady growth. In addition, the Cadillac from winter to carry out comprehensive service, fully showing the "homage to add" Cadillac PLUS service concept, will "exclusive, intelligent, active" close care, carry out in daily warranty services, become the impetus Cadillac sales increase and a tool.

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