The car networking project is expected in 2020 controlled vehicle scale

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Natural language model is different from the usage of the existing Key words engine, based on natural languages

Due to the particularity of the driving environment,Guest Posting vehicle networking era human-computer interaction can not use the mouse, keyboard, mobile phone touch screen and voice interaction with safe and convenient, it has naturally become the best way to human-computer interaction. Will identify the voice recognition data collection and calculation, relying on network computing technology to build a unique car audio based on the mobile Internet environment, network voice platform engine in multiple languages and even dialects.

Specifically, natural speech recognition and voiceprint recognition, melody recognition, natural language model

 Voiceprint recognition is to extract specific voiceprint verification based on the voiceprint authentication and voice commands to complete the massive road map database name, names, tens of millions of points of interest the name of the voice recognition training, the user can easily by The voice commands to query, set the navigation destination.

Melody recognition is recognition, melodic rhythm and characteristics of music specific melody and music services classified, based on the melodies and human daily physiological characteristics; driver in the driving environment, for example, can provide ergonomic The user-friendly music service, accompanied by music to create a comfortable.

Natural language model is different from the usage of the existing Key words engine, based on natural language speech recognition algorithms to achieve different levels of demand for the driver, the owner of rich multimedia information to drive accompanied by a specific vertical area. Navigation field, for example, Example: "I'm going to Hongqiao Airport, how to take the" road "to the Shangri-La Hotel, the nearest hospital," Please take me to a nearby gas station. "... Makes the navigation application in the field of change more humane.

Communication, location, traffic information based on natural language recognition technology, you can do related to car dvd player and in car dvd player  intelligent services, such as a button and receive calls, conference calls, intelligent navigation, traffic check, the interesting point query, the car supply service, emergency, remote diagnostics, knowledgeable person of life, music on demand, news-on-demand, sound programming on demand, radio on demand, voice microblogging.

Car networking project is expected to be controllable vehicles in 2020 to scale up to 200 million. Government support has been emerging, followed by the government through policy guidance, financial subsidies, the initial investment to develop the car networking, how to achieve the effective application of the floor has become an important issue of car networking.

According to the survey, 2/3 of users are willing to pay a monthly fee to be used to guide to driving directions and location information, and voice recognition essential technical support for networked interaction as car vehicle networking. In short, location services, and voice recognition-based applications is bound to allow more cars to have a mobile Internet users to create a more intelligent, safe and convenient driving environment in order to bring a better driving experience. Vehicle networking companies have been puzzling profitability will be solved

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