The majority of people worried that the unmanned vehicle.

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  "Our design concept is to reduce traffic accidents, and avoid the situation of people in the driving processes

Very simple,Guest Posting unmanned computer processing system suddenly crashes how to do  This problem often occurs in the already mature technology computer.

    If the face of dark ice, strong sunlight reflection and complex weather, the eyes of the unmanned vehicle can accurately work

    If the next car is suddenly forced and line, no signal warning, how to deal with unmanned vehicle If you encounter road no covers or green tree suddenly falling objects, unmanned vehicles can give the correct response

    "These problems exist in reality, in the event, the unmanned vehicle how to deal with it " Bing asked, after all, This is not an ordinary computer, restart everything returned to normal, but a high speed car accidents occurred often in a second or two.

    At present, Google unmanned vehicles be allowed on the road, the name of the concept of unmanned. However, the car must have two staff, one sitting in the driving position, in case of emergency, ready to switch to manual mode; another staff member sat in the back, the vehicle position and route of observation, close attention vehicle "brain" of the operation.

    However, security issues, Google driverless car engineers are not worried. At present, seven unmanned test vehicle mileage exceeded 160,000 miles, a mileage exceed 10,000 miles. In this process, there had only been a security incident. And the accident not occurred in the process of moving, but in such as traffic lights after the car was rear-end.

    "Our design concept is to reduce traffic accidents, and avoid the situation of people in the driving process can not be avoided, such as driving the process of the spirit of desertion, drowsiness, and so on." Google developer said that the unmanned vehicle to the hands from freed in the steering wheel.

    Over the years, due to the auto dvd and car dvd player  improper operation of the driver, or mental state reasons, leading to traffic accidents have been high, the emergence of unmanned vehicles will change this situation. And the unmanned vehicle can be accurately estimated that the surrounding environment, enhancing road traffic rate to maintain the most favorable vehicle spacing.

    Nevada traffic management department, said the test results from the point of view, the unmanned vehicle on the road to safe driving, even more secure than manual operation. The data show that calculated from the speed of response, speed of response of the machine can reach 40 ms, human beings will take at least 500 milliseconds, the machine speed of response is 12.5 times the human, greatly reducing the braking distance of vehicles, especially high-speed car .

    Unmanned system cost is not high, the near future can not be large-scale applications, but very optimistic about the prospects for industrial applications

    Unmanned vehicle, as a new term, along with unmanned technology development, the majority of consumers in the last two years to develop an understanding.

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