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Unmanned vehicles is a trend for the future of the automotive industry, forward-looking explorations

However,Guest Posting the unmanned vehicles are nothing new, fundamentally speaking, the unmanned vehicle is a mobile robot, the earliest power is based on military needs, to reduce the number of casualties, looking for tasks instead of people in jeopardy occasions. In the 1970s, the United States, Britain, Germany and other developed countries of the automotive industry began to research, supporting technical reasons, long-term breakthrough.

    China from the 1980s started. Last year, the National University of Defense Technology for the first time long-distance unmanned vehicle test Hongqi HQ3 unmanned vehicle to travel from Changsha to Wuhan, a total of 289 km, independent overtaking 67, successfully overtaking other vehicles carriageway 116 other vehicles. beyond 148, the measured full autonomous driving an average speed of 87 km. This also means that China's unmanned vehicle research, but also into the international advanced level.

    Unmanned vehicles is a trend for the future of the automotive industry, forward-looking exploration and academic research to the development and progress of automotive technology. Its main role is to solve the traffic problems of logistics and human, the focus is efficiency high, more reliable, more secure, until the eventual realization of a high degree of automation in driving the process, due to a variety of negligent mistakes, while the unmanned vehicle is a fairly standard, as long as the set is accurate, less error, but from the industrial point of view for R & D and production of unmanned vehicles, and the formation of an industry is still very distant. "South China University of Technology Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Dean of Lanfeng Chong said, academia, intelligence, security, user-friendly control systems, intelligent equipment, and other aspects of research, but the intelligent control, image recognition technology, transformation and coordination of traffic scenes, navigation system, but also the technical level bound unmanned vehicle development, large-scale market-oriented take a very long process.

    LI Li-fu, South China University of Technology "as opposed to ordinary vehicles, unmanned systems is not high car dvd player and in car dvd player cost, high standards of technical threshold, expensive accessories makes it costly, and this is the technology in the near future can not be large-scale application of one of the reasons." The professor said, however, the unmanned technology in industrial applications is very optimistic about the prospects, especially in some dangerous environment, the unmanned vehicle can replace the human-related jobs.

    The era of smart cars, how many people want to leave the steering wheel  Leave the pleasure of the kind of freedom and control to the driver

    However, the unmanned vehicle and human self-driving car, it has no feelings, no ideas, no value judgment, in accordance with the procedures for control of the machine, in some extreme cases, how to deal with some ethical issues

    A hypothesis, the unmanned vehicle in order to avoid the sudden appearance of obstacles on the road ahead will not be rushed to the sidewalk  Faces a dilemma, by people driving cars, based on moral philosophy, most drivers, even if the green tree or telegraph pole and crashed into a street, will not be rushed into the crowd. On the contrary, the unmanned vehicle is based on the principle of the maximum to avoid danger and protect the driver, it may be crashed into a pedestrian.

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