How many people want to leave the steering wheel

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    "Faced with these challenges, driverless cars before the real practical to go through a few years time, slowly in the small-scales

And under the existing legal system,Guest Posting if the unmanned vehicle out of the traffic accident, how to define the legal responsibility  For example, the unmanned vehicle hit a pedestrian, responsibility should be borne by the unmanned vehicle designers, or unmanned vehicle users to bear

    February of this year, Weihai, Shandong, a public car park on top of the hill in the alley, cars on their own then slipped down the hill, the decline in unmanned nearly one hundred meters, a series of hit two cars and two pedestrians, including an elderly woman unfortunately killed on the spot. This is very difficult responsibility as defined in the law. "Bing said, this case is most likely to occur in the future of unmanned vehicles, when the related responsibilities identified will be more complex, the existing rule of law, how to deal with it

    "Faced with these challenges, driverless cars before the real practical to go through a few years time, slowly in the small-scale pilot projects to solve until the other to protect mature, will be put into the scale of use." Lanfeng Chong said that the unmanned vehicle technologies in the future large scale is very dependent upon the transportation system, the joint development of laws and regulations.

 In the United States, automobile driving must be someone in the vehicle. Moreover, from a traffic management system, the current traffic on the road is set indicating system and even the rules of the road design should be carried out changes to adapt to the popularity of unmanned car dvd player and in car dvd player vehicle. For example, on a normal road traffic lights, road signs, speed limit and turning logo, etc., should be able to be unmanned vehicle understand traffic judge, based on these information.

    In addition to the two mountains of law and morality, in fact, the unmanned vehicle to bring the outside world a thinking, how many people want to leave the steering wheel  Leave the steering wheel to the driver the pleasure of the kind of freedom and control. This driving pleasure to get a dynamic exchange of vehicles and people, once this kind of exchange is interrupted, out of the question.

    Google, for example, seven unmanned vehicles, six Toyota Prius, one for the Audi TT are ordinary amount of production models. Only 7 car roof more than a box, and the body more than install a few cameras, radar transmitters.

    Google developers in the Google test unmanned technology, the core part of the laser range finder on the roof, to provide sophisticated 3D map data, the unmanned vehicle will laser altimetry data and high-resolution rate map combining to make a different data model, in order to identify obstacles to obey the traffic rules.

    In addition, the front and rear bumper were installed four radar used to detect distant obstacles; rearview mirror near a camera to detect the traffic signal to help the vehicle the brain to recognize pedestrian and bicycle obstacle; and wheels on the assembly of the wheel encoder, with GPS, to determine the specific location of the vehicle track running track.

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