Toyota Land-cruiser For Sale

Apr 1


John Cena Smith

John Cena Smith

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The Land Cruiser Strategy that Toyota considered was to establish a route through Land Cruiser and then follow it with passenger cars. The 2 door soft top and hard top was the highlight, while the 2 door pickup truck and 4 doors Station Wagon were the other particulars in this car.


The Used Toyota Land-cruiser comes in engine capacity of 3.4L to 3.9L petrol version from 1951 to 1960,Toyota Land-cruiser For Sale Articles later 3.0L to 4.0L was introduced in diesel version, while 3.9L, 4.2L in petrol version. The latest Used Toyota Land-cruiser comes with 5.7L V8 engine with Towing capacity of 82Ib.


The range of colors that Used Toyota Land-cruiser comes in includes Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver, Grey Metallic, Red, Gold, Amazon Green and Black. While the overall car comes as unibody with features like Alloy Wheel, FOG Light, Roof Rail and Rear spoiler to further enhance look, and make the  Used Toyota Land-cruiser experience superior to all.


The Power Steering, with comfortable seats makes this tough on road car a soothing experience.  While the Power Window, Navigation and TV gives a lavish experience to driver. The latest Used Toyota Land cruiser comes with heated Steering Wheel, Heated seats and Cooler box while the Climate Control further enhances the process of warm in-car experience. The multi-information display, with Bluetooth and hand-free phone system further makes the drive up to date with technology.


The passenger capacity is approximately 8 persons with huge cargo space making the Used Toyota Land-cruiser experience best. The space is more than enough to go for a vacation trip with friends and family, so lavishness with space is a unique feature that Used Toyota Land-cruiser offers.


The Multi-terrain Monitor with selected front and rear view also makes driving safe and secure. While the Anti-lock breaking system with Traction Control System further enhances the smooth grip to avoid Break failure and slipping on the road. The other feature that is common in Used Toyota Land-cruiser is the air bags which make you safe and secure even in case of accident. The latest version even includes Safety Connect which you can click in case of emergency. This aids in Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle location and Roadside assistance.

Used Toyota Land-cruiser is a complete car facilitating its user on rough and smooth roads alike, keeping one GET GOING. It’s the best support one can ask for, what do you think?

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