Volkswagen Beetle: An American Favorite That's Not So American After All

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Do you know the history behind the Volkswagen Beetle? Would you be surprised to know that it is not in America?

If you have been out of your house in the past few years at all,Guest Posting chances are that you have laid eyes on at least one of the new Volkswagen Beetle cars. The new Volkswagen Beetle is a revolutionary spin on an old favorite, and although it has been an American favorite for more than half a decade, it must be attributed to a foreign entity—Germany, to be exact.

It is said that the Volkswagen Beetle was invented by Adolf Hitler; while this has been a rumor going around for quite some time; it is not necessarily the truth. While Adolf Hitler did have some input in the implementation of the Volkswagen beetle, it is not something that can necessarily be attributed directly to him.

As many cars have changed their general design and developed low fenders, sleek lines, and super high powered engines, that is not the case with the Volkswagen Beetle. As time has gone on, the Beetle hasn't gotten much bigger than the original 1930s version of this popular favorite. It has remained a small, compact vehicle and fuel efficiency is as much a part of the core of its being as its rounded design—both of which have remained intact throughout the slight evolutionary process that it has gone through.

People love the Volkswagen Beetle for a variety of reasons. For one, it is an adorable car—it screams the lifestyle of beautiful ladies and warm summer days, but it is also fuel efficient—something that is extremely important in today's society of ever increasing gas prices and stagnant wages.

The rounded lines and eye-like headlights are the signature of this classic Volkswagen. There are many Volkswagen vehicles out there, but few of them are so ingrained in popular culture like the Beetle. Remember Herbie the Love Bug? He was a Volkswagen Beetle, and was one of the reasons why the car became such a part of the popular American culture!

If you are interested in having a Volkswagen Beetle of your own, there are a few ways you can go about it. You can purchase one of the New Beetles that Volkswagen has recently released, or you can opt to get one of the older ones. They are great for restoration projects, and can also be found restored although that tends to take a little more time than many people have.

Sure, Volkswagen may not be an American-made car, but it is an American favorite. People have been falling in love with these adorable Bugs since before World War II and it is looking like things will continue that way. What are you waiting for? Grab a local newspaper or hop online and check out the numerous Volkswagen Beetles, restored and ready to be restored, that are waiting for you to claim ownership. With Volkswagen, it isn't too difficult to come up on a great deal. Start looking for your new (or old) Volkswagen Beetle today.

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