Want to use the map and navigation features in the driving process

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Location-based services can provide accurate push. When you come to a strange city, your car networking services

Root market survey shows that 81% of owners want to use in driving the process of map and navigation features,Guest Posting 70% of the users of music-related applications, 66% use the communication function. Seems the killer application for navigation, music, communications vehicle networking. Media and businesses claim has achieved a car networking killer application, such as real-time traffic, voice messages. In these services, you can find the trace of the location-based services and natural speech recognition technology. In this paper, the depth analysis of these two killer app.

The location service provides the real-time traffic, that is, the "geographical cloud" platform. Pooled analysis of the location information data traveling in each vehicle issued by the terminal processor obtained which road congestion, smooth, and then the information is sent back to the vehicle, the formation of "real-time traffic service. Like the clouds in the sky is condensed by the evaporation of water vapor from all over the aggregation of these water vapor can be regarded as issued by the location information from each vehicle in the road; cloud will finally raindrops in the form of return to earth. Combined with real-time traffic and navigation software will be able to provide vehicle owners planning to a more convenient and more efficient traffic routes, which can also reduce vehicle energy waste and pollution of the environment.

Location-based services to provide social interaction. Different from the traditional community, car networking community with the car is closely related to not like QQ interactive text, you can use emoticons, and even the situation of the latest micro-mail or voice messages to provide mutual aid navigation and riders, such as traveling by car fleet group Web navigation. By location-based interaction to increase the viscosity between users.

Location-based services can provide accurate push. When you come to a strange city, your car networking service providers based on the acquired location information, and can recommend your favorite restaurant; take the initiative to show a nearby parking lot, to help you make an appointment to the parking spaces; or near your location gas station, 4S shop car dvd player and in car dvd player recommended information will immediately appear in your vehicle terminal. In fact, this is based on the location precision, personalized "interest point" push, especially rich combination of space and time information, and recommended content to meet the user's needs.

This precise push has been in the IT industry to operate successfully. Such as Youku video, directional running on different regions, channels, tags and crowd, advertising is not the same. In other words, different people see the same video, are likely to see different ads.

Finally, the security services. Such as vehicle location tracking, anti-theft vehicle location as a reference. In addition, traffic safety in case of emergency or car accident, by providing accurate location information, allowing the "roadside assistance" from your nearest place to reach in the shortest possible time. In addition, in a common accident-prone sections of the owners can get more warning in advance to remind.

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