Weak signal in the Russian GLONASS system

Jul 11


jodie mht

jodie mht

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We are most concerned about navigation, Dedicated car fly rhyme preparation of the authority of the navigation maps


Admittedly,Weak signal in the Russian GLONASS system Articles the arrival of dry Lulu did raise the visibility and communication efforts of the show, regardless of the Beijing Auto Show this a show in Shanghai, with the dry Lulu PR had a Show consumers the audience or product quality, which is also attracting their main reason for the next HC Auto Electronics friends recommended several selling vehicle computer products at the show.

 Day edge fly rhyme exactly match the SOUL show Seoul, do not see the traces of the modified, exactly match the original car style, luxurious atmosphere to describe is not excessive. Navigation picture and sound effect is very prominent, large screen and high resolution, more clearly than ordinary digital screen, high definition fidelity, the picture is more beautiful, watching movies, playing games is called a cool. Functional FM radio, DVD, CD, SD, USB, etc. not to mention, it also supports digital TV, IPOD access, Bluetooth hands-free phone function can be described as fully functional.

We are most concerned about navigation, Dedicated car fly rhyme preparation of the authority of the navigation map system, support for address lookup, field experience input responsive, the query line is also very accurate. With Rear view camera input, front audio and video input, rear audio and video input and video output, 2-way rear clear and accurate picture reversing, parking is no longer troublesome. 4 * 40W digital audio power output, providing the biggest push power main speakers, the subwoofer is also adjustable output.

IPS system with WiFi positioning is similar, you can use Bluetooth and other receiving equipment closer the received signal, the system side of the database can distinguish the signal.

    Google in the previous upgrade a map section, some cities have added a new indoor navigation map, including shopping malls and other places indoor address information through the standard indoor map, users can take advantage of the RF, WiFi signals to the indoor location.

    Auxiliary system, the foreign media exposure of a model for BMC4752 of products can support the smart phone to receive these signals for indoor positioning.

 This Pengci "party of well-directed traffic accidents occur more and more unable to reproduce the scene of an accident car dvd player and in car dvd player like this, can not accurately judge the events of the responsibilities of both sides, especially in front of the single weak body of the female owners, most of compounding, and lose money in order to save trouble only trouble. "Pengci" the party more and more arrogant, clearly reasoned case of unreasonable claims abound, the actual situation, no one say where, but installing a tachograph can The graph has the truth. "

A variety of traffic recorder on the market and owners who have to pick the money and practical, have small size, easy installation, can not affect the line of sight of motorists. The Newsmy lithography X1 will be able to meet these conditions, 2.5-inch color LCD, 480P resolution camera, the operation is simple, easy to get started, fine, super mini appearance, driving records right.

General tachograph is a 90-degree camera, lithography X1 120-degree ultra-wide-angle camera to take pictures up to 12 million pixels. A wide range of video recording, a full range of multi-angle observations to make shooting video more complete, and can adjust the settings for white balance, color effects, ISO and other parameters. Camera Photo to motion detection, face detection, quick operation, to provide convenience for the shooting.