A Walk into Past of the Plain Old Telephone System

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The topic discussed here are the technologies that go into landline and wireless phone systems.

As most of you know,Guest Posting the first plain old telephone system was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Although there has been lots of debate on whether Bell really was the first to invent the telephone system, he is the officially recognized figure responsible for its birth. This plain old telephone system was one of the biggest events that happened in the 19th and 20th century because it added the most effective way for two people to communicate over long distances. No longer did we have to wait for letters or telegraphs to arrive to hear from our distant loved ones. With the plain old telephone system we could simply pick up the receiver, dial a number, and within moments we would be speaking with whoever we wanted. Early in the history of the telephone system there was concern from certain people that it would make social interaction a thing of the past. The claim was that, if people could simply talk to anyone on the plain old telephone system, they would no longer feel the need speak face to face. This argument was quickly put to rest because the plain old telephone system would prove to have very little effect on the human nature that compels use to seek out more physical means of interaction. A funny fact about some of the first plain old telephone systems are that in the beginning they didn’t ring because they had no bell. Instead, the individual making the call would signal the individual at the other end by whistling into the transmitter. Could you even imagine doing that on your cell phone today? Everywhere we went we would hear people whistling tunes into their cell phones. While that would be amusing, it wouldn’t be the best way to make a call. Luckily, a bell was soon added to the original telephone system and we can save our whistling skills for the times when we are in a good mood.

While the plain old telephone system has changed vastly in the styles of phones we use today, the means by which calls are transmitted hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years. The plain old telephone system in most people’s homes today, still use the same landline principle that they always have.

While the plain telephone system has not changed much, it has paved the way for all future means of communication that came after it. The cell phone and internet might not have been here in the form we know them, if it had not been for the invention of the plain old telephone system. Because of it, we now enjoy a world with advanced communications that allow us to stay in contact with people at any place and time. But even with all these advances, the original telephone system still thrives as our most valuable communications device. One day that might change as voice over IP calling is becoming increasing more popular and available, but for now we’ll all just enjoy the phone conversations we have on the plain old telephone system.

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