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Today, Everyone is learning the Internet Skills and trying to be the leader. So their mindset is to Increase Leads and then…

As this is MUCH an EASY ROAD to SUCCESS.

Hello,Guest Posting MLM Networkers

The earlier articles, I said “ONLINE RECRUITING IS DEAD AGAIN”. What does it means?

1. Today, so many MLM Networkers “ Rush In “ to the Internet World, thinking they could capture millions of other MLM Networkers online into their Team.


2. They spent time and money, minimum 9 months to 1 year and easily over few thousand dollars on several Internet Programs, trying to learn to be The Leader, to Increase Leads, write articles in blog; submit articles to several MLM Blog Networks.


3. Be the member of this Forum, that forum. Open several accounts in social media networks etc.


4. After done all these HARD WORK, Still see NO RESULTS?


The Answer is if you have done that 3 years ago, You would be a Millionaire; But Today even with MORE Internet Skills, You ARE SURE DEAD.


5. WHY?


6. 1st, Today, Competition is GREATER than 3 years ago.

2nd, Today, Everyone is learning the Internet Skills and trying to be the leader. So their mindset is to Increase Leads and then recruit other members into his/her Team.


7. Therefore, each of us trying to Recruit the other party Online. This is NOT a JOKE, my dear friends. This is the Serious DEAD Scenario Today.



The End Result is ALL DEAD.


8. Now, Please Pay Attention, if you have NO MAKE THE MONEY in your MLM Business after 5 long years of networking, something MUST BE VERY Wrong.


9. You need to Be Smart & Wise and follow The Wise “ Born Leaders “ as it would better off than trying to learn to Be a Leader and recruiting others which we all end up DEAD.


10. Let me illustrate one example by asking you a question.

Situation (a)

Is it more benefits or more advantages if you were recruit a strong leader below you?

Situation (b)

Is it more benefits if that strong Leader is ABOVE you?


11. In the situation (a), and in the MLM Company with Binary System. If you were NOT CAPABLE of networking then you would end up One side VERY STRONG with thousands of members and the other side VERY WEAK with only few members. In this situation, you would not Make Money, eventually you would become non-active and Failed.


12. Now in the situation (b), If the Strong Leader is above You. This Strong Leader would put all his Personal Direct sponsors on both sides of your account, so that you can make money and you continue to MAINTAIN active and recruiting members at your own phase.


13. And after 3 to 5 years, it is Natural that Team Volume increases. By the time of 5 years, You would have a Steady monthly income. No need to worry on your monthly financial expenses anymore. This is the strategy and the NON-SELFISH system of harmonybest Team, MAKE SURE ALL DOWNLINES MAKE MONEY, THEN EVERYONE IN harmonybest Team MAKE MONEY.


14. NOW, You understand, Why so Many, More than 90% FAILED in MLM Business. This is because Majority of us are SELFISH, No willing to Put 2 sides for Downlines to allow them to collect Income without Effort.


15. Many of these Downline members CANNOT earn money because their accounts are one sided. When downlines DON’T MAKE MONEY, all Leaders DON’T MAKE MONEY as well, then everyone of us try to jump and change to another MLM Company and START the STUPID THINGS ALL OVER AGAIN, That is why they are so many networkers working MORE THAN 15 long years still BROKE.



Follow The Wise Born Leaders in The Right Team NOW.


17. DO NOT MISS This Opportunity to follow me.


18. As I sincerely wanted to HELP.




20. I DO NOT KNOW when I would kick the bucket, leaving this beautiful earth. Then by that time, too late & too Bad, I Can’t help you ANYMORE.


a)      harmonybest Team just entered MLM CHINA Market. This is The Biggest Opportunity for MLM Networkers.

b)      Do You Know, We don’t need to be the Internet Gurus or Skills to recruit China Members? Basically, Asia Countries are still dominating the offline warm marketing closing.

c)       We harmonybest Team, Asia No.1 MLM Leaders well connected  in Asia Countries and We speak several Chinese Languages and We are capable of putting thousands and thousands of China members  below you.

d)  Now,

IT IS Your Choice,

IT IS Your Life,

IT IS Your future.


You have to Decide to Join NOW, then ONLY I Can Help You.

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