Build a Smart Landing Page with These Simple Copywriter Tips

Jul 10


Jeremy Reeves

Jeremy Reeves

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Copywriter tips to dramatically increase conversion. Use these no nonsense copywritier tips to explode your sales by…


Today we are going to explore landing page and I am going to give you some copywriter tips that could transform your average page into one that could change the face of your business.

Does your current landing page grab the attention of the reader and entice them into a conversion? Is your landing page converting as well as you think it should? If it isn’t then read on and use these simple copywriter tips to build a page that converts as good as it looks.

Just changing the face of a landing page is not enough,Build a Smart Landing Page with These Simple Copywriter Tips Articles you have to understand that these copywriter tips are just a first step toward creating a page that you can be proud of and one that converts.

These copywriter tips go hand-in-hand with split testing. In theory you could use these copywriter tips to change your page and still not get the results you’re looking for. That is where the testing aspect of marketing comes into play.

The first thing that a visitor is going to see when they come to your site is the landing page and that page must be more than simply visually captivating, it must be user friendly and represent the professionalism of your business.

5 Copywriter Tips for a Great Landing Page

#1 – Navigation – Your landing page can have all of the bells and whistles and be eye catching but what all of that boils down to is one thing, the only purpose of the page is to convert the visitor into a paying customer.

That is the single and only purpose of a landing page. If your page is being used for anything other than converting then you’re not only missing the point, you’re wasting your time.

Never give your traffic more than 2 choices when they are on your landing page. Those 2 choices should be to purchase the product or leave.

The best of my copywriting tips in this situation is to keep your landing page clear of any links that don’t lead to a purchase.

#2 – Branding – Branding should be an important part of your business. One of the best things that you can do to brand your products is to have a logo.

Think about companies that you know, maybe Target, eBay, Amazon, and others. When you think of them do you see their logo in your mind? I’m willing to bet that you do.

Graphics can make or break your landing page and for the purposes of these copywriter tips it is important that you realize that graphics on your landing page be kept to a minimum.

You should only use graphics that are absolutely necessary to ensure that your site loads quickly. Most of my landing pages contain few graphics. The only thing I use other than graphics that work to sell the product is my logo.

#3 – Content – Since the sole purpose of your landing page is to turn a visitor into a conversion and a paying customer keep it simple. Give your reader solid and valid reasons why they should purchase your product or service.

Write in a conversational tone, like you were sitting with a friend and talking. Don’t be overly concerned with grammatical correctness. Perfect grammar might be great if you were writing a white paper or thesis, but it does not sell well.

When it comes to copywriter tips this is an important one, keep your sentences and paragraphs short and easy to read. Nothing is more intimidating to the average web surfer than a huge wall of text.

#4 - Bullet Points - Studies have shown that most readers like bullet points. Use bullet points to break up text and make it easier to read.

Try to use a few small bulleted lists throughout the copy instead of one large one. A list of 5 or 6 points is easily digestible to the reader.

#5 - Benefits vs. Features – The average reader could initially care less about the features of your product or service. They want to know what you can do for them instead.

Focus your copy on benefits before features.

Copywriter Tips Conclusion

This list of copywriter tips is not all-inclusive but put them to work for you. Give your traffic only 2 choices when they visit your landing page. Brand your product or service with a logo. Create content in small easily digestible bits. Use bullet points to break up the text. Stress benefits instead of features.

If you use these copywriter tips and continually test your landing page your conversions and your income will go up.