Things You Can Do to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

Feb 18


Johnney  Smith

Johnney Smith

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Learn about some secret tips on how to Increase the number of sales or subscribers from your current traffic to your site.

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting the desired number of subscriptions or sales from your website? If so,Things You Can Do to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions Articles put yourself in your visitor’s shoe, look at your website from his perspective, then ask yourself, “Will I buy this product?” If you, yourself, are unsure of your answer, it just means that your landing page needs serious modifications.

Importance of Landing Pages

Landing page is the first page which the visitor sees after clicking on any kind of advertisement like ppc, banners etc or a link in search results. Landing pages have different functions, depending on what you want to achieve from your website. Mostly landing pages are used to sell a company’s products or to make visitors subscribe to a newsletter.

When you get a sale or an email address subscribing to your newsletter, you just got yourself a conversion. On the internet, websites only get an average of 1 to 2 conversions per 100 visitors. It is really quite a challenge to convert thousands of visitors to be your customers especially with the tight competition over the virtual world. This is where the effectiveness of your landing page comes in. Since this is the page that visitors will first see after clicking your ad, your landing page should be compelling enough to convert them and make them accept your offer.

So How Will You Do It?

1.    Be Direct
When salesmen make their pitch, many of them tend to beat around the bush before offering their products or services. On your landing page, this should NOT be the case. The keyword to remember is KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.

 As much as possible, do not bombard your landing page with lots of information that veers your visitors away from what you are really offering. Also, people browsing the Internet looking for something do not usually have the luxury of time to spend reading on long descriptions or explanations. Be specific. Try to relay your offer without your visitors having to scroll down through the end of the page. Conversion rates tend to be higher if visitors find what they are looking for as quickly as possible

2.    Relevant to the Ad

When people click an ad, it means that the keywords used caught their attention and it is something that interests them. Hence, they expect to see on the landing page the same offer that is being described in the advertisement. If they don’t, it is almost guaranteed that they will click on the Back button and look for something else instead.

Thus, if your ad offers a discount on one of your products, your landing page should display the same product and not other items that you offer. In the first place, you got visitors on your landing page because of that product discount being advertised. The last thing you would want your visitors to feel is that they are being fooled by your ads.

3.    Functional Design
Your landing page should be enticing to the eyes of your visitors. Right from the onset, they should already see the value of your offer so it will be highly likely for them to take action and grab your offer. Optimize your landing page so that your message is effectively relayed without needing too much words, pictures or illustrations. Make the page readable and easy to the eyes. Avoid excessive images that do not add value to your offer. Minimize the use of the navigation bar, or try to totally avoid it if possible, and make sure that your conversion exits are visible and clearly identified.

4.    Improve Your Forms
When you already get your visitors convinced to take your offer, the confirmation stage is when they already fill out the form and click on your action button. The last thing you want to happen is for them to get frustrated because of too much information being asked from them. So why don’t you make this task easy for them?

Think of the pieces of information that you only need from them. If you are not shipping an item, there’s no point in getting their complete address at this time. If you are offering a newsletter subscription, their email address is the only information you need.

It will also be helpful if you optimize your form. Allow tabbing to different fields and automatic cursor hopping to the next field. If possible, pre-populate fields that you already know about. One basic example of this is the Country field being auto-populated with the information from the visitor’s IP address.

Instead of a Submit button, be more specific in the action that you are requesting them to do such as “Register for the eNewsletter” or “Avail of the 80% Discount.” Also, avoid placing a Reset button which just tempts your visitors to think twice in availing the offer.

These are just a few tips to help you improve your landing page conversions. And after you have done these things, make sure to do a test run and ensure everything is working fine, especially your forms. Take a look again at your landing page from a visitor’s point of view and ask yourself, “Will I avail of this offer?” If your answer is already a resounding yes, then expect positive results in no time.