How Landing Pages Can Affect Your Online Campaign Budget

Feb 22


Johnney  Smith

Johnney Smith

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Discover some Landing page elements that affect your campaign budget. Spend less and earn more from tips on this.

When you run a business online,How Landing Pages Can Affect Your Online Campaign Budget Articles it is important that people who visit your site are your target audience. This is achieved by having an effective online marketing campaign that will bring in targeted traffic to your site, hence, giving you a higher probability of getting high conversion rate. However, the work shouldn’t stop there. Sure, you get target visitors, but once they see nothing on your site that pertains to what was being advertised, it is almost guaranteed that they will immediately leave instead of making an effort to find the offer that got them interested.

Other than having a high performing ad campaign, you should also spend time and effort in making your landing page as effective as your ads. Your landing page should be able to convert as much of those target audience as possible to quickly recoup your online campaign budget and maximize it. Having an effective and highly converting landing page means high revenue without necessarily increasing your online campaign budget. This article gives you some tips to reduce your advertising costs and increase your revenue through your landing pages.

1.    Related Page that Matches the Ad
Your landing page should have the information on what the advertisement promises. If your ad is offering a discount for a specific game license, the landing page of that ad should show exactly that and not a complete list of all the games your site offers. This maximizes every click on your ad because it’s giving the visitor the right information; hence, there is a high possibility of conversion.

2.    Unique Content
Make an effort to create separate landing pages for each product or offer that you advertise. Each ad that you create should have its own unique landing page. AdWords do not display multiple advertisements directing to the same landing page at the same time. This is a lost opportunity for you since if there are several of your ads that get shown in a particular keyword phrase search, no matter which one of those ads is clicked, it will still lead to one of your landing pages. This is one feature you should take advantage of and you can do it by creating unique and original landing pages for each ad creative you have.

3.    Transparent
Your landing page should exhibit transparency to build credibility and gain the trust of your visitors that when achieved, leads to high conversion rates. This also makes most of the clicks that you pay for turn into revenue. There are different ways to show transparency in your landing pages such as delivering what was promised on the ad, not having hidden charges, having a link on the page that directs visitors to the terms and conditions, and having the link for your Privacy Policy when you need to gather personal information from visitors.

4.    Simple yet Functional
Your landing page need not be too elaborate. If you can deliver your message in a few paragraphs, do so. As much as possible, avoid including flash-based contents as this will just slow down the loading time of the page. Loading time is one factor being considered in page ranking. Also, avoid elements that may just serve as distractions to your potential customers.

5.    Use the Most Effective Keywords
Prior to even creating ads and building a landing page, choosing the most effective keywords should be done first. Having strong keywords that match your offer will ensure that you are paying for clicks from targeted audience, who will be more likely to turn into paying customers. Using these keywords on your landing page content will also help optimize your site for search engines. If it’s done optimally, your landing page has a good probability of landing on the top page of search engine results for those keywords. This means more visibility without any additional cost.

All businessmen desire the same things regardless what type of business they are in. These are increase in revenue and reduce costs. If you have effective and well-developed landing pages, you can achieve both at the same time.