Call Center KPIs Are Critical For The Business

Oct 25


Sam Miller

Sam Miller

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Description: For call centers, the KPIs should be narrowed down to about five or six, so that there is a better way of improving the structure.


With any call center,Call Center KPIs Are Critical For The Business Articles it is critical to use KPIs. This plays a very big role in the measurement of such an organization. There are many important metrics, which are calculated for the call centers. These are a must to explore how such places can be improved. Advanced technology toady make it possible to get some good data.

Handling time and sped of answering will be recorded by managers. The previous month will be compared to the current month when it comes to performance. How the performance of the call center is, cannot be answered by many though a lot of information should be gathered by these managers.

The KPIs should include the fact about the rate of performance, and there should also be the ability to track it. Performance problems should be noted, and they should be diagnosed immediately and corrected. Goals for performance should be set, and then there should be a good amount of accountability for chasing these goals as well.

About five KPIs are just enough to manage, measure and improve any call center. The metrics for any center should talk about quality rather than quantity. The cost of each call is the first that should be taken into account. Next there should be the customer satisfaction. Soon after this you have the resolution rate from the first contact.

Then you have the utilization of agents, and last of all the performance on an average from the call center. Almost 80 percent of the measurement and performance should be derived from these five metrics. Because of the vast evidence that many call centers have shown from the use of these metrics, it has been proved that nothing else is required for the improvement of the organizations.

The main goal of any call center should be to reach good quality rather than quantity, and that too at a very low cost. Looking at labor will be the most important factor with a call center, as about 70 percent of costs go towards it. A complete overall performance by the call center can be determined with the help of one single metric.

Results of such an organization could be interpreted in a wrong way if the metrics are not right. Sometimes only one metric is looked at, and the rest are ignored. Because of this, there will be wrong conclusions, and there could be a wrong derivation of methods in the end. Good overall performance can be tracked with one indicator, which is complete.

A lot of metrics, which are looked at in most of the call center and the field is overlooked as part of the top five metrics. The results from the rest of the metrics may not play a role in evaluation, thus it can be overlooked. Targets as well as performance goals should be established, and too many metrics should be avoided.

Customer satisfaction as well as the cost of the call are two chief factors which will be more than enough to track the performance of the call center.

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