DALI Dimmer with Group & Scene Control For Building Lighting Automation

Oct 25


Weird Jerry

Weird Jerry

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DALI is a digital lighting control protocol designed for building automation. It is suitable for large commercial lighting projects for buildings due to its stability and reliability.


A DALI system shall consist of a bus power supply,DALI Dimmer with Group & Scene Control For Building Lighting Automation Articles master controller units and control gears (light dimmers, LED drivers, electronic ballasts etc.), and all components are connected together via DALI bus. The master controller is powered by the bus power supply and send commands to the light dimmers or LED drivers via the bus. The light dimmers or LED drivers receive the commands and implement them.


There are two types of dali dimmer devices, one is DT6 (device type 6) that supports only switching ON/OFF and dimming commands. The other is DT8 (device type 8) that supports not only DT6 commands but also color temperature and RGB color adjustment commands. Both of two types support scene and group commands. Generally DT6 devices are designed for single color lighting and DT8 for tunable white and RGB lighting.


The DT6 devices can be compatible with universal DALI master controllers that support DT6 commands. DT8 devices can be compatible with universal master controllers that support DT8 commands.


Group control is a very important feature of DALI dimmer, which enables users to send commands to devices of different areas of a building individually. Each DALI circuit supports 16 groups, you can use one master controller to control all of them through broadcast or send commands to each group separately. For instance, an office are divided into 4 areas, and assign them to 4 different groups, then you can control them individually.


Scene command enables the control unit to assign and recall scenes of different groups and total 16 predefined scenes can be assigned. For instance, when a scene command S1 is sent to Group 1, group 1 will go to scene 1, for example, a brightness, a color temperature or a RGB color. When command S2 is sent to Group 1, group 1 will go to scene 2. This enables users to create different moods for different atmospheres and periods and meets the requirements of complicated lighting design in a building. DALI is a perfect lighting automation solution for building automation.