4 Reasons Why Wooden beads Are So Popular

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Beads made of wood are available in different sizes and they are mostly spherical in shape. You can buy wooden beads in bulk from online wholesale stores and you can always shop around to find the lowest price on the internet.

As a jewelry designer,Guest Posting you have to ensure that you keep up with the latest trends in the jewelry making industry. The current craze is chunky jewelry made of wooden beads as women prefer to create a bold statement. In the past, these beads made of wood were large and used as a central piece in a necklace. Now that the bead making industry is very advanced, it is possible to find beads made of wood in different sizes and shapes. So, naturally, wooden beads gained popularity and organic jewelry is synonymous with beads made of natural material. When you add some shells and other natural looking beads in the jewelry, your piece will have a rustic charm.


Wooden beads are inexpensive


The raw materials for wooden beads are readily available and several thousands of beads can be made from a single tree. Due to the cheap manufacturing process, the cost of wooden beads is also cheap. However, you shouldn’t be carried away by the price because you can also find some exotic and expensive beads made of wood. Ultimately, it comes down to your affordability which determines the quality of beads. You can purchase relatively good quality beads for a much lower price and create an expensive jewelry.


Wooden beads are lightweight


Everybody wants to wear comfortable jewelry and wooden beads are best for creating light weight jewelry. You can create chunky and heavy jewelry without adding weight when you use wooden beads. Instead of creating heavy jewelry with gemstones and studded beads, you can create the same type of jewelry with beads made of wood. These jewelry will be very comfortable for the wearer and they add royal beauty to the costume. You can make different types of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and earrings that look big, but weigh very less.


Wooden beads are found in varying sizes, shapes and colors


All the wooden beads are made of natural wood that comes from trees such as apple, olive, bamboo, pear, ebony, sandalwood, etc. Modern day bead manufacturers make beads in different sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on the tree from which the beads are made, wooden beads have lines and shades that add natural beauty to the jewelry. Moreover, they can be polished to add sheen. Dyed wooden beads are now popular as you can create custom jewelry matching the clothes with colored beads. Painted wooden beads are extremely sought after because hand painting adds unique beauty to the jewelry. You can create wonders with your designs using hand painted wooden beads.


Wooden beads are available online


Your local bead supply store may not carry as many choices as online wholesale stores. Moreover, you can save a lot of money when you purchase cheap wooden beads in bulk. The best feature of these beads is that you can be as creative as you want. When you buy generic beads in bulk, you can dye and paint them in different colors to create stunning pieces of jewelry using the same type of beads. The possibilities of creating unique jewelry with such beads are endless and wholesale sellers are easy to find online.  

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