Hi Tech Gadgets Seller Tips: Know The International Holidays To Avoid Unforeseen Delays

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Did you know that during some holidays there is not a single shipping service for up to 12 days? If you buy and sell internationally then you need to know the important dates, read below to learn more.

Hi tech gadgets are very hot items in most parts of the world today because of the growing popularity and preference for online shopping and e-commerce,Guest Posting allowing people to order online and just wait for their products right to delivered to their door. This is attributed to the availability of cheap but high quality products sold by wholesalers and suppliers dropship from abroad, especially from China. Many of these suppliers offer products with no minimum orders, but still maintain wholesale prices C a welcome factor for retailers.This influx of Chinese dropship suppliers into the market is a big plus for dropship retailers with online stores and product lists in popular eCommerce sites like eBay. Sida's dropship retailers have is how to calculate and include shipping costs for items in their product lists.This problem is solved by most Chinese wholesale dropship suppliers and so much to offer free shipping to tech gadgets, especially smaller gadgets. Apart from this, many dropship suppliers to provide ways on how retailers can get a simple estimate of the shipping cost that they can explain their buyers and avoid problems.However, the problem with shipping from countries like China occurs when orders are placed during a holiday. This will cause major problems for you as a dealer so long vacation will cause significant delays in the delivery of your products that will eventually create problems and customer complaints. To avoid such problems by the correct use of international calendar and the following will show you how.Dropship Resellers and International HolidaysDealers have found a gold mine in getting products from China and sell them online via drop ship deliveries. There is no need to take stock and to keep your supplier can directly ship products to your customers under your name. The problem happens during the holidays from your products home, in this case China, as Chinese holidays may not coincide with your end customers holiday schedule and will create significant delays C and lots of problems.There are special holiday in China, where factories and businesses close. This includes manufacturers and wholesalers of your tech gadgets and dropship suppliers are also located in China. Orders within the holidays or after a specified cut-off period will not be processed until the business reopens. Accept such orders would be a fatal mistake since it would only result in lengthy delays in delivery.The best way for you to avoid this is to recognize the major holidays in China or from what other countries you get your products from. In China's most important holy days listed below. Note that some dates are not fixed so it would be best for the actual data from your suppliers to confirm. Holiday                                       Date                                     DurationNew Year                                     January 1                             1 dayChinese New Year        1st Day of 1st Lunar Month (Feb)        12 daysQingming Festival        5th Solar Term (April)                            1 dayWorkers’ Day                               May 1                                     1 dayDragon Boat Festival    5th day of 5th lunar month (June)       1 dayMid-Autumn Festival    15th day of 8th lunar month (Sep)         1 dayNational Day                                  October 1                          3 to 5 daysPreventing delays and delivery problems with your customersTo prevent delivery delays and delivery problems with your clients by using international calendar to your advantage. Knowing when holidays will act could give you a basic as you can cut-offs for orders made. You may say that the orders before the cut-off period will be guaranteed on time delivery. For bookings made after cut-off is clear that your customers should expect delays in delivery due to international holidays.You can also start storing your hottest selling products just what you would do when the holiday season. Garden this buffer, you can still take orders and deliver items on time, even during international holidays.To ensure that you have a precise calendar, work with your dropship supplier and get confirmation on the exact vacation dates, and their drop dead delivery schedules. If possible, you should also subscribe to their newsletter for RSS feeds so you can receive notices of cut-off dates and no-working hours.Dropship resale is one of the more profitable businesses available today and this is made even more lucrative with the availability of hot selling high-tech gadgets. However, as a drop ship reseller, you should be well aware of the international agenda and holidays, so you can take steps to ensure that you have ample supply of your products and avoid delivery problems your customers.The coolest hi tech gadgets at low wholesale prices! Visit Chinavasion or paste this link into your browser: http://www.chinavasion.com/index.php/cName/electronic-gadgets/

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