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Indian culinary tradition is predominantly vegetarian and therefore makes use of a lot of vegetables.

We can say that Indian cuisine makes more use of vegetables than any other country on this earth. Vegetables are highly healthy for body since they contain in them a lot of antioxidants that have the power to let people prevent ageing and stay healthy over long years. The other major components of vegetables include essential nutrients like vitamins,Guest Posting minerals, starch, fats and proteins.

In every Indian kitchen, you shall find a large number of vegetables. Vegetables add a great amount of taste to the dishes and also contribute to good health and are therefore the most important components of food. On the whole, you say Sabzi to address vegetables in Hindi. It is interesting to know about the different kinds of vegetables you get in India, their properties and benefits and their names in Hindi.

Cauliflower and cabbage are very widely used in cooking across a variety of dishes. These two are not only tasty, but are a rich source of vitamins and minerals essential for health. They are called Phul gobhi and Band Gobhi in Hindi. Cauliflower pakoda is very famous. It is a fried dish highly liked by children. They just dip cauliflower pieces in basin flour and fry them in oil. The crispy taste comes out well with a flavour. Gobhi manchurion is a highly delicious curry preparation used as side dish for rotis, parathas and nan.

Let us turn to other most common kind of vegetables now. Carrot is known as Gajar in Hindi. Carrot is among the healthiest foods. It contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. One good thing about carrot is it is a highly suitable vegetable to make raw as well as cooked dishes. You can chop it into pieces, add pepper and lemon and eat raw. Alternatively, it can be cooked into curries and other vegetables. While making pudding, it is cut into small pieces and added while boiling.

Cucumber is called as Kheera in Hindi. It is again used in its raw form. You can cut slices of cucumber and add pepper and salt to it taste as side dish along with other dishes. Eggplant or brinjal is known as Baigen. We also need to make a mention about radish called as Mooli and pumpkin called as Kadd in Hindi.

Now let us turn to an important class of vegetables predominantly used in Indian culinary tradition. Onion has versatile applications in curries, sambar, puddings, salads and other range of dishes. It is called as Piaz in Hindi. Along with onion, we need to make a mention of two other important vegetables namely tomato called as Tamatar and potato called as Aloo in Hindi.  

Lemon is one of the finest juicy fruits. The sour taste of lemon is highly liked by large number of people. It is refreshing to take lemon juice after a tiring physical as well as mental activity. It is called as Nimbu in Hindi. Let us understand the inevitable importance of vegetables and eat them as much as we can to reap their incredible health benefits.

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