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Is it too many? Is it confusing?

My dear friends, please do not get confused. Please allow me to explain:- 

The first MLM company

·         The first MLM company is FusionExcel.com. This company sells Quantum Pendants and Quantum Flasks ( Scalar Energy Pendant & Water Drinking Flask) the 21stcentury products.

·         This product is easy to market and our marketing tools are Talk Fusion video email marketing system.

·         When the product is easy to market,Guest Posting  all the downline members can get good Starter Bonus, thus members get members is easier and Team Volume increases rapidly. Therefore, the surviving rate of members are high.

The second MLM company

·         The second MLM company is bHIP global.

·         bHIP Global is doing e-commerce and Velocity International are emphasize on offline marketing where most of the Asia leaders are good at.

·         The marketing strength of bHIP Global is in North Asia and Velocity International is in South Asia.

·         Please note bHIP global is now merged with Velocity International MLM company.

·         I Victor Lim Chee Seong leader and founder of harmonybest Team and Co-founder of AsiaLeadersBlog.com skillfully combined online and offline marketing on this MLM Business.

·         The compensation plan of bHIP is the best where members can earned up to USD 100,000 per week or USD 400,000 per month in 1 membership account. This means all upline leaders and downline members are working closely together concentrating only one account in order to achieve maximum USD 400,000 per month. This compensation plan of bHIP is the highest paid compensation plan in the market and the plan is very healthy, uplines helping downlines and vice-versa.

·         The capable leaders who joined bHIP Global can earned up to few millions USD per month. The great news is that harmonybest Team just entered China market on December 2010.

·         Western MLM top leaders are definitely attracted to this company and joined harmonybest Team as my team of Asia leaders can build thousands and thousands of China and Asia members below them.

The third MLM company

·         The third MLM company I recommend is Naturally Plus, the top 5 MLM company among 3,600 companies in Japan. This company sells health product Super Lutein and Izumio, No. 1 natural anti-cancer food supplement and hydrogenised water  from Japan with an annual sales turnover USD 350 millions in only 3 countries such as Japan, Taiwan,  Hong Kong. Super Lutein is a natural health product for eyes, diabetes, cancer and psoriasis patients.

World Pioneer        

·         These 3 companies I recommend are the best opportunity for investment compared to Amway, Melaleuca, Cosway, Monavie, Herbalife, Nuskin and many others. ( I will explain in detail on my future post )

·         Harmonybest Team is the world pioneer in these 3 MLM companies. I believe your mind is now clear and you should not be confused if you read this article and my previous article under the title “Be The Smart Investor”.

Must Make Decision

·         Now you must choose only ONE MLM company and stay focus on this one company until you generate income. Keep the other 2 MLM companies as the investment to secure the top position in the binary system.

·         It only costs very little to invest in these 3 MLM companies, all Top MLM Leaders for sure would invest several accounts in each MLM company I recommended. This might BE YOUR BEST Return On Investment.

·         I and most my team Leaders stay focus on bHIP Global. You can follow my business approach, I put 80% of my time & energy on bHIP Global.

·         I will announce in AsiaLeadersBlog.com when my team move from one country to another country to promote bHIP Global.

·         These 3 MLM companies complement each other toward healthy Life Style. As we need Quantum Pendant’s Scalar energy to detoxify & clear away blockage of energy in our body. And we must take Good nutrients such as Maqui Berry Juice from bHIP & Super Lutein from Naturally Plus.

·         Furthermore, nowadays most people seldom eat sufficient of fresh fruits and vegetables.

·         Amazing healing results as you can see testimonials in videoshttp://www.fusionwall.com/u_26985_0_1.html .

SUCCESS TOGETHER FOR MANY LONG YEARS                          

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Victor Lim Chee Seong

·         Co- founder  of AsiaLeadersBlog.com

·         Founder and Leader of harmonybest Team

·         Founder and Owner of Harmony Emporium

We, harmonybest Team specially combined our offline marketing skills with MLSP and Mike Dillard online strategies.

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