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Hundreds of millions up 1.5 to 2 billion Internet Surfers Worldwide Can Be Our Prospects…

“All MLM Networkers MUST READ”

Dear members of bHIP,Guest Posting

1. Let me introduce myself. I am Victor Lim Chee Seong, Founder & Leader of harmonybest Team. Many of You have known me, but some of you still no yet. My sincere wish is that One Day we can gather together in One BIG Meeting or at My HOME.

2. I am also the co-founder of asialeadersblog, two (2) corporate friends and I created this Blog with the Intention to Capture the MLM Industry Worldwide through Internet Online.

3. You must leverage the Online Internet if you want to SUCCEED BIG as hundreds of millions up 1.5 to 2 billion Internet Surfers Worldwide Can Be Our Prospects, Our Downlines.

4. Please Do NOT Rush In. Kindly visit and Study my Blog CAREFULLY as this need time to bear fruits. You must be Skillful and Patience.

5. Very soon I shall be successful in recruiting Top MLM Western Leaders; already few joined harmonybest Team since my blog ready one month ago.

6. All of you are actually my downlines members of harmonybest Team. You would have Great Benefits as I decided to fill up all the Gaps in the Binary Trees so that each and every members of harmonybest Team will Guaranteed of earning a steady monthly INCOME.

7. How do I succeed in Guaranteed all members to have steady monthly income?

8. Please continue to read the article below.


10. Now I write to all of you is that I WANT All of You to Hang On, Work Hard, Work Smart and Be Patience.

11. Please read my Blog articles so that you can gain Confidence in these Health Products of bHIP as these products are in World Demand and in World Trend so we can be successful in Marketing & Recruiting.

12. The bHIP Compensation Plan is one of the highest pay out in the MLM Industry. This is the Golden Opportunity.

13. We have been somewhere connected in Karma (Karmic Energy in Buddhist point of view) that you are my downlines and those who got the chance visited my blog. Please DO NOT neglects our connection.

14. Appreciate this connection, nothing happens by accident. Soon or later it will bear fruits and YOU & ME & MY WHOLE TEAM MEMBERS can be brothers and sisters in ONE BIG FAMILY.


16. I already Started filled up the gap of a few of my downlines, I see these few of them tried very hard and unfortunately only got points in ONE leg.

17. So I put my Newly Direct sponsors to them on both sides of their accounts. Immediately they can earn extra income and they got motivated and start recruiting new members AGAIN.

Why I put 2 sides for YOU?

18. My philosophy is Simple. If hardworking downline can NOT earn sufficient income, it is Impossible for me as harmonybest Team Leader to earn BIG. Helping Downlines to Survive, I Survive. This is Simple Logic.

19. Previously, I put all my Direct Sponsors on my far Left leg and on my far Right leg. I do this because I want all my members just to do one leg to earn income and this is why I can help all my Direct Sponsors.

20. I have motivated my Direct Sponsors through this way but many still just CAN NOT Catch Up even to do ONE leg. So Now I decided to fill up all the Gaps in the Binary Trees even though You are NOT my Direct Sponsors.

21. As long as I see you work hard and try hard, I and my several leaders would definitely help you to earn money. So Please Keep in Touch with me, follow me closely at FaceBook, my blog, or even email me.

22. Now I share you this important facts below:-

23. By helping your downlines to make money by putting 2 sides even with a small income they get to cover the monthly maintenance at USD 36 per month, they would continue to become a member for many years.

24. Then after a period of 2 years, Team Volume SURE increases. Then, the whole harmonybest Team, each and every member can earn a BIGGER Income each month.

25. We must know that in any MLM business Team Volume increases as time passing by. After 5 years, all of us would have even a BIGGER steady income. Therefore, if you want to protect your future you MUST help your downlines to make money.

26. Congratulation to all of You, bHIP members. We are The World Pioneer. And we can even Make More Money because all gaps have been filled by TEAM WORK.

27. Please follow This Simple Logic.

28. Help others indeed is helping Yourself. The Great Bodhisattvas ways of life. I hope you can see it Clearly. (No self Greed, No Selfish, Just Plain help others to survive and make Money and No Expectation for your Results). Each and every one of us will Bear Sweet Fruits later when all members just follow This Simple Logic.

29. Great news is that, Thailand and Indonesia are opening soon by MID 2011.

30. My Thailand and Indonesia Top Leaders who joined harmonybest Team few months ago no yet start the ball rolling due to logistic issues. Once these 2 countries officially opened, those who joined above these leaders would have Great Benefits.

31. Few of my Team Leaders Decided to stay in China, WHY China? Please read my articles in my blog.

32. harmonybest Team members PLEASE Get Ready, Before You Go another country, You Must Build Your foundation in Home Ground.

33. The Greatest News is that all the Leaders of harmonybest Team who planned to promote bHIP in China also decided to fill up the gaps, put thousands and thousands of China Members below you.


I PRAY BUDDHAS & Bodhisattvas have compassion for US, Help me to fulfill my VOW Fast! “

I PRAY to ALL MIGHTY GOD, come forward to Bless each & every of us on Earth inclusive of all the living beings.

35.   My 3rd Reason MUST MAINTAIN.

36.  Every members Must Maintain One bottle per month for own health and to protect our own wealth in the future.

37.  When each and every member maintains one bottle per month at USD 36. Then all members can survive it is because after some time the Team Volume would increases as time passing by.

38.  Otherwise, it is hard to survive in any MLM Company if downline members don’t maintain and Non-active.

39.  If all members maintain helping each other in the whole Team and strong upline helping weaker downlines by putting 2 sides so that this hardworking downlines can make money and recruiting more new members to fill up the gap help others as well.

40.  Then after a period of 3 years all of us would definitely have a steady monthly income because all the gaps have been filled up.

41.  If you neglect and don’t take my advice seriously then WE WOULD FAIL BADLY TOGETHER.

42.  It is pointless for me as harmonybest Team Leader to recruit thousands and thousands of members, then after 5 years 90% of my members are NON-Active.

43.  Now I make the 1st initiative to help and all of you must at least maintain one bottle per month.

44. For You and Me to succeed and to solve our financial burden. Please Maintain one bottle per month.

Team work is Strength.

Together We Can Do It.

Together, We can solve our financial CRISIS.

Together We Can Make This World A Better Place For Life.

45.  I am 100% CONFIDENT my strategy for this SYSTEM can 100% Successful because our MLM Company bHIP ONLY asking for USD 36 per month as maintenance. If the maintenance is more than USD 100 per month then I would say my plan and my system CANNOT WORK.

46.  Therefore, all members of harmonybest Team, my sincere advice is to maintain one bottle and helping downlines to SURVIVE.


P/S : Check all your downlines, who are work hard and no yet earn enough to be in the Comfort zone. Kindly Help these hardworking downlines first, then take care of the Rest one by one slowly filling up all the gaps in your binary trees.



1. Make your downlines Confidence by visiting my blog www.asialeadersblog.com and by send this email to all your downlines.

2. Must HELP Hardworking downlines by putting 2 sides so that they can earn money.

3. All members Must MAINTAIN one bottle per month in order to protect our own future.

To fulfill YOUR DREAM, You must JOIN harmonybest Team.



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Victor Lim Chee Seong

·         Co- founder  of AsiaLeadersBlog.com

·         Founder and Leader of harmonybest Team

·         Founder and Owner of Harmony Emporium

We, harmonybest Team specially combined our offline marketing skills with MLSP and Mike Dillard online strategies.

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