The supply and demand of manganese in the international market

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Usually the origin of manganese in the world is divided into mainstream and non-mainstream. Mainstream refers to high manganese content of and manganese from those countries and regions which have a strong monopoly.

South Africa,Guest Posting Australia, Gabon, Brazil, the world's mainstream manganese origin, manganese ore resources in natural endowments superior deposit large-scale structure and orebody is relatively simple and better. Heavy, production-like conditions, mostly occur in the near-surface or shallow, it is appropriate large-scale, large equipment, mechanized open pit mining. Foreign manganese resources accounting for 80% of the open-pit mining, underground mining accounted for only 20%, the scale of production is more than 100 million metric tons, large-scale mining equipment, mine production mining, excavation, transportation mechanization, continuous, high degree of automation, integration and efficient. Usually bulldozers, draglines and scrapers stripping, drilling and blasting, draglines, excavators, mining equipment, large ton heavy truck, belt conveyor and rail transport.

According to the surveys of metal powder supplier, the total annual production capacity of the world's major manganese producing countries such as South Africa, Australia, Brazil and so on mining 25.8 million tons currently. The mined ore is generally only need crushing and screening or washing to get the merchandise manganese ore. The international manganese market is often in short supply, is basically a seller's market, the manganese resource-rich country almost monopoly the pricing power of the manganese. Every year, the areas of the world’s consumption is mainly the manganese and manganese ferroalloy, manganese oxide and manganese salt. There are also manganese-rich slag, iron-smelting and chemical. The raw material of the intermediate products, blast furnace or electric furnace manganese-rich slag is mainly used in the production of silicon manganese, manganese power, manganese the consumption terminal whereabouts still a manganese ferroalloy. Manganese products, electrolysis (electrolytic manganese metal, electrolytic manganese dioxide, potassium permanganate) production after manganese ferroalloy, but the amount of manganese and manganese metal consumption share is not large. It is estimated that more than 80% of the world's manganese consumed in the production of manganese ferroalloys. In 2008, the world’s total consumption of manganese is 12.978 million tons, an increase of 4.59%. Chinese consumption was 6.257 million tons, Europe is 2.036 million tons, Russia 1.91 million tons and America 849,000 tons, India 695,000 tons, Japan 469,000 tons and Asian 761,700 tons. Chinese manganese-related industrial consume about 24.6 million tons of manganese ore, imported manganese alloy smelting consumes about 680 million tons of manganese ore. The world’s manganese ore major exporting countries, including South Africa, Australia, Gabon, Brazil, Ghana. China, as the world's largest manganese ferroalloy producer of manganese alloys, the production of manganese is 7.45 million tons (excluding EMM). Manganese ore types, the complexity of the material components, low grade and high impurity content, and different types and impurity manganese ore different industrial uses and very different from the consumer area or different emphases Therefore, China must import millions of tons of high-quality rich manganese every year: First, to meet the high-grade manganese ferroalloy, especially in low-carbon ferromanganese production needs; second is adjusted into the index value of charge technical requirements to achieve enhanced smelting, increasing production and reducing consumption, improving the indicators of economic rationality, produce various grades of manganese alloys.


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