The use of micro-silica fume

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Micro-silica fume, also known as silica fume, silicon powder, in the smelting of the silicon alloy or industrial silicon, silicon vapor is discharged through the flue after oxidation, obtained by the special design of the precipitator collection of amorphous, powdered silica. 

The average particle diameter of 0.15 ~ 0.20¼m micro-silica fume,Guest Posting specific surface area of 15000 ~ 20000m2 / kg, and having a strong surface activity. For nearly 20 years, micro-silica fume widely used in construction, chemical, metallurgy and other fields. A large number of micro-silica fume for cement or concrete admixture to improve the performance of cement or concrete, formulated with ultra high strength, wear resistance, erosion, corrosion-resistant, anti-penetration, anti-freeze, early strength special concrete for dams, large reservoirs, hydroelectric power, port terminals, railway bridges, highways, airport runways, tunnels and high-rise buildings and other projects. Micro-silica fume can also be used for the production of refractories and ceramic products, to improve the strength and durability of the product; filler used in paints, coatings, resins, rubber and other polymer materials, can play to improve the material performance purposes.

Micro-silica fume for refractory will have the following characteristics: improve casting refractory liquidity, reduce water consumption, making it easy to shape and improve efficiency; due to its ultrastructural role of interstitial, density and strength of refractory has greatly improved; micro-silica fume with high activity, in the premise of Al2O3 ingredients exist, it easier to generate mullite, make the refractory’s high-temperature strength, thermal shock resistance have significantly improved. In addition to the widespread use of castable refractories, it also widely used in fused and sintered refractories for metal powder exporter.

Micro-silica fume for concrete, has the following unique advantages: the manufacture of high-grade concrete, significantly improve the strength of concrete and pumping performance; manufacture of high impermeability, structural waterproof concrete for the basement of the subways, tunnels, high-rise buildings; manufacturing marine and chemical concrete, because of its higher density properties, it can effectively prevents the penetration of sulfate and chloride ions on the concrete, erosion, to avoid the subject to corrosion of concrete reinforcement, thus extending the life of the concrete.

In addition to the above refractory and high-performance concrete application of micro-silica fume unique advantages, at present, the millennium mining R & D institutions also cooperate with the field of coatings, paints, rubber and plastic, expand the range of applications of the Millennium Mining micro-silica fume, as contribute to the development of material science and technology and the national economy.

Micro-silica fume used in high-performance concrete, compatibility: micro silica fume have good compatibility with superplasticizer, fly ash, slag, fiber; slump: effect because of its interstitial concrete viscosity higher doped micro-silica fume concrete, the slump design requirements have 2 ~ 3cm higher than ordinary concrete; the incorporation: the manufacture of high-strength and shotcrete, micro-silica fume incorporation of 6 to 12% of the amount of cement; for underwater engineering concrete, slightly higher dosage; micro-silica fume as the TOPEKN help pump agent incorporation of minus 2 percent. By mixing ratio test to determine the final mixture ratio.


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