Turn your FREE eZine into a moneymaker, Tip #1

Jun 4


Terry Telford

Terry Telford

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Almost every online ... that's serious about their ... effort, has their own eZine. Out of the hundreds of ... of eZines on the net, only a handful make money for their ... D


Almost every online business,Turn your FREE eZine into a moneymaker, Tip #1 Articles that's serious about their
marketing effort, has their own eZine. Out of the hundreds
of thousands of eZines on the net, only a handful make money
for their publishers. Does your eZine make you money?

Here is a quick tip to turn your eZine into a moneymaker.

Confirmation message.

When someone subscribes to your eZine, they should receive
a confirmation message. Generally, the confirmation message
says something like:

Thank you for subscribing to ABC eZine. We're glad to have
you onboard. You have subscribed using the following
address: SubscriberName@SubscriberAddress.com Welcome

If it was not your intention to subscribe, please click the
following link to be removed from our subscriber database.

Thanks once again for subscribing.

Owner's name
Company name

It's a nice way to let your new subscriber know that they
have been added to your database and that they can easily
unsubscribe, but it doesn't make you any money. To make
money from your confirmation message, simply add an

Here is a one of the confirmation messages that bpc
publishing sends to new subscribers. This one is sent
after someone has subscribed to The Marketing Pack
Journal, our eZine, from another site.


Thank you for subscribing to The Marketing Pack Journal
when you visited www.WebsiteName.com We're happy to have
you onboard!

You will receive your first issue of The Marketing Pack
Journal on Monday.

As an extra bonus, you will receive The Oz e-Combo Special
Edition on Wednesday.

And, of course, your Subscriber Bonus. You can pick up your
FREE subscriber bonus at:

(This is our home page, the actual subscriber bonus is
included in the real confirmation email. To subscribe to
The Marketing Pack Journal see the Author's byline box at
the end of this article)

If, in the future, you wish to unsubscribe from The Marketing
Pack Journal, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom
of any issue.

Your privacy is important to us and your name will not be
shared, traded, sold, bartered or in any other way transferred
to a third party.

Have a great day,

Terry Telford :)

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This confirmation gets us 1 sale for every 250 confirmations
that we send. We also get new partners from the same email.

Let's focus on the sales for just a minute. The PopUp Generator
software sells for $34.95. We make one sale each time we send
out approximately 250 confirmations. So each confirmation that
we send out makes us 17 cents. ($34.95 divided by 250) Instead
of waiting for subscribers to make a purchase from our eZine,
now we can generate sales right from the minute they subscribe.

Using this system, you make money from your new subscriber
right away!

There are countless ways to make money with your eZine. You
just need to use a little creativity. In future articles, I'll
give you more techniques for turning your FREE eZine into a
money-making publication.

Good luck and God Bless.