WiFi DMX Controller Enables Remote Control to DMX Lighting

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DMX lighting control is a very important digital control system for building lighting automation. It is a very reliable system for lighting control in large area with complicated layout. Nowadays, a popular trend is to control DMX system with WiFi DMX controller, which greatly increases the control flexibility.

Generally a DMX lighting system requires a master controller to transmit control signal and lighting devices (slave controllers) that receive the signal. The master controller can be controlled WiFi.


A WiFi DMX controller is an APP installed on a IOS or Android smart phone or tablet. It can pair with a master controller which has a built-in WiFi module. The APP transmits WiFi signal to the master,Guest Posting the master receives and converts it to DMX signal to control DMX lighting. Slave controllers are lighting devices that accept DMX signal input from the master and transmit PWM signal to control the connected LED lamps.


With an APP, it is much easier to operate than directly with a master. Operating a master requires professional knowledge about DMX, but the APP dose not. In addition, compared to a master, the smart phone has not to be fixed in a place since it is wireless, and signal transmission distance can be up to 30 meters.


The APP has user-friendly interface which enable users to adjust light intensity, color temperature (CCT LED) and RGB color (RGB LED). Each lamp can be controlled individually. It also supports zone control function that enables users to set different lamps to different zones. Built-in color sequences can create stunning color changing effects. Scenes can be saved and automatically recalled for different times and different atmospheres.


To control with WiFi, the DMX master shall have WiFi function and a compatible APP. First you have connect the master with the slaves, then download the APP from APP Store or Google Play, then pair the smart phone with the master. Detailed operation instructions will be provided by the supplier.


Wireless control of DMX lighting is suitable for those users who would like easy and simple operations. For professionals who would like more complicated functions, a master controller will be better since it has programming function to achieve the any lighting effect you would like.

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