Angola Embassy Attestation Requirement and its Importance

Sep 21


Md. Sakir

Md. Sakir

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Angola is the African country and its not coming under the HAGUE convention so Apostille is not Accepted there. For making the Validation of the document /certificate it should be attested from the Angola Embassy.


One things more Angola official Language is Portuguese so its translation into Portuguese is mandatory and demanded by the embassy for attestation purpose. Now a days a lot of people is getting the job in Angola and they must have to ask submit the legalized document.

To get the Angola Employment it is necessary that Applicant Highest Degree, Angola Embassy Attestation Requirement and its Importance Articles Curriculum Vitae, Medical Report, Police Clearance Certificate and other documents must be translated into Portuguese and Attested by the Angola Embassy. Attestation process is simple all the document should be attested from Ministry of External Affairs by following the process of state level Authentication and then it would be legalized by the Angola Embassy. Portuguese translation is specially done by the Expert translator but it is better that translation could be possible by embassy expert person.

There two ways in which Angola Embassy Attest the document one is all document which have attested by the Ministry of external Affairs can be attested second is document which have translated in Portuguese will be directly attest the document without having the sign of Ministry of the External Affairs.

The entire certificate which issued in India can be attested by the Angola Embassy in New Delhi. It may be Educational certificate like Degree certificate, Diploma certificate, CA certificate, I0th certificate and 12th certificate and ETC must be attested to get the Employment visa and Student visa there. Process would be followed as all these documents must have to be attested from the state level HRD Authentication then Ministry of the External Affairs and Finally Angola Embassy Attestation in New Delhi. Portuguese Translation should be also done.

If person is applying their residence visa then Birth certificate and Marriage certificate must also get attested from state level Authentication that is called GAD Department / Home Department, then Ministry of the External Affairs and Angola Embassy Attestation can be possible.

Their also some miscellaneous certificate which can be attested from the Angola Embassy but it totally depends the reason why it get attest. Suppose the person is seeking to marry in Angola then single status Affid Avit must be attested , if for the employment visa and residence visa curriculum vitae and police clearance certificate must to attest and translated.

Last we here discussed that for trading and partners for Indian company that need to attest for getting the Angola Government to do their business without any hindrance , there are some certificates which need to be Attested from Angola Embassy. If India trading company Appoint the trading partner to sell the goods and collect the payment in Angola then must be Authorization letter /Power of Attorney / Deeds agreement must be translated in Portuguese language and attested from Angola Embassy. Same as it Indian company registered the company in Angola then Certificate of Origin , Memorandum of Article and Article of Association is needed to get Attest their document from the Angola Embassy. Process for attestation of commercial document is followed as it should be first get attest from chamber of commerce, then Ministry of the External Affairs and Finally Angola Embassy.

At last we can say that the entire certificate for the valid and genuine purpose must be attested from the Angola Embassy and Angola Embassy Also doing this type of Attestation.