Aspire but do not compare, the message for R&D, Admin and Accounts Function in Corporate

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Many employees in admin, accounts and R&D usually feel sad as they do not have bright career growth opportunities in the organization.....

It is a very common grievance one can hear in most corporate that the growth prospects are very bleak and poor to those who are working in accounts,Guest Posting R&D, administrations and other allied fields.   How true is that the growth opportunity is very poor for these functions?  The definition of growth prospects needs to be well understood otherwise people have to live rest of their life singing the melancholy song that they do not have enough growth opportunity.

The role or job definition alone can give the complete brief of the growth prospects.  In the case of R&D, opportunities are relatively less and hence the growth prospects are also naturally poor.  To find the real growth opportunity, one needs to be highly innovative than getting engaged in duplication or improvement research. 

If anything become successful in the market place, the R&D personals in most corporate try to study the successful product/concept and will try to mimic the same concept in a different package or form in their respective organization. 

Knowing the innovation of others is what widely followed by most R&D’s?  Creation, innovation or discovery are least known to most of the scientists in general in the Industry.  More than the scientific innovation how the consumers would perceive such an innovation alone exhilarate the scientists and become important in most corporate.

Such an approach will never give growth or future to any organization, but may offer a weak chance to sustain in the market place.     How organizations can offer lot of growth prospects to such R&D personals?  The case history may not be different for accounts or admin as well. 

The diversity of nature will tell us as how much disparity or unevenness exists in nature.  In the same ecosystem one can find an ant as well as an elephant.  Intelligence, sense & sensibility, sensitivity, capability, communication skill, social set up and social hierarchy etc. can be seen equally both among ants as well as among elephants.   Then why ant is so small while elephant is so large? 

What a humming bird or a sparrow could do is what an ostrich or cassowary also does in nature if we look at it from the perspective life or survival.   Why one is so big and the other is small?

Grass and bamboo, although belong to the same group, one is strong while the other is weak?  Neither the grass or the ant or the sparrow carries any grievance nor do they feel jealous about anything.  All of them try to exploit their best talents and competence to live as successful as their counterparts who are so big in size.  The beauty of evolution is that, all these smaller versions of biological forms are blessed with far smarter adaptation/success possibilities than the bigger species.   

The suggestion is not against having aspiration but indeed against grievance based on comparison.   Choose wisely, only then your choice become wise.

Understanding and exploring the opportunity is what all the species of animals (big or small) attempt to do than comparing and matching with each others.   The corporate employees must know their role and the script well.  All the scripts are specific and are made to suite to a particular role.  Unless you change your script, your role cannot differ.  The role change is possible only when the talent is seen and it is widely accepted. 

To get rid of the grievance, one needs to understand the definition of the growth prospects and have to position accordingly.    By sitting on one side of the river bank, one cannot reach the other end, if he or she shies to get wet.

Stop grieving and start searching, certainly your search will get you what you aspire to have.   

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