Balloon Twisting - How to Become a Balloon Twisting Entertainer

Sep 23


Sean Lee

Sean Lee

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Are you interested in learning how to make ballon animals? Is balloon twisting a hobby or part time career for you? This article was written for the balloon twister at heart looking to improve his balloon sculpting skills.


What party would be complete without having someone there who knows how to entertain the guests?  Of course there are many ways that you could go about doing that but few as entertaining as balloon twisting.  Balloon twisting is not only entertaining to the children but to the adults as well.  For many years this practice was just to make simple little animals or maybe a sword,Balloon Twisting - How to Become a Balloon Twisting Entertainer Articles but now it can be considered a true art form. 

For many years people would have a twister come to entertain their guests as the side act.  Nowadays people will have a balloon twister as the main act.  This is a type of entertainment that has grown over the past few years into an entertainment form all on its own.  It is surprising to think that balloon twisting began back in the 1940's before there was the high tech entertainment that we have today.  Let us explore what it takes to become a balloon twister in today's age.

With balloon twisting there are two main things that you will need.  Balloons and some type of small air pump.  When you go about blowing up dozens if not hundreds of balloons a day, blowing them up by mouth could be a difficult task.  And by keeping them out of their mouths, the twister is being a good role model to the small kids who tend to put toys in their mouth. 

The most common type of balloon for twisting is a “260” or “160”.  These numbers are basically to let you know the size.  A “260” means that the balloon is 2” in diameter and 60” long when completely blown up.  Balloons of this size are nice because they can make a number of things.  Then also there is the “160” balloon which means that it is 1” in diameter and 60” long when completely blown up.  To blow up a '160' orally would almost be impossible as their diameter is so small and it takes such force to get them blown up.  The balloon twister would most likely pass out before he got very many of them done. 

Having a small hand held pump is almost necessary for balloon twisting as it saves you time, hence allowing for many more sculptures during your act.  Back before there were hand held pumps there were balloon twisters who could blow up more than one at a time.  But now there is no need to try and accomplish something of that nature.  There are small hand help pumps that you can use and now small air compressors are available to use.  For a long time they were frowned upon but are now used by many balloon twisters to help speed the process along even more. 

Balloon twisting is something that brings a smile to most everyone's face every time they see it done.  I think it just brings the kid out in all of us and let's face it, sometimes we all need to act like a kid a little bit.