Being a mother, working and not falling into a daily routine: Is that even possible?

Dec 12


Vanessa Fardi

Vanessa Fardi

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Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, had enough time in her daily life to work, take care ofher home, write a book and even create her own makeup brand. Wait, she did not only have the time, she “took the time” to make it happen.


Plenty of times,Being a mother, working and not falling into a daily routine: Is that even possible? Articles we have felt trapped in our daily chores at home and at work, we may feel we do not have time for much else, we get out of bed as soon as the sun is out and arrive home late at night only to continue slaving in the kitchen, until all we have left is a few hours to sleep justto repeat it all again the next day. Just having to sayit is exhausting, but who decides where our time goes?

The problem usually lies in the fact that our priorities are wrong. Yes, money is indeed a priority, which is why we give our job the importance it deserves and that isundisputable. Ofcourse, our home is just as important, we can maintain a good and stable life as long as we produce money and have time left to take care of our loved ones. But what about me? What about my health, happiness and life as an individual? Aren’t they as important as the rest?The time has come to start organizing our priorities.

As women, we need to learn to give the same value we give our obligations to ourselves, because our body and mind are also our responsibility and, if we do not care, no one else will.

Learning a new language broadens our horizons. Yoga is an obligation if you feel you need to take care of your body. Maybe you want to go to a coffeeshop alone and read an entire book in one day. It is your responsibility to do this. Go for it!

Time is on your side and it is yours to manage. Have a happy life!

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