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Now at global level everybody want to get the job in the abroad, expand the business on global level, visit the foreign country as holiday tourist, visit on the work permit visa/Dependent visa /residence visa, then there are certain types of document which need to be Attested or Apostille.

Nature of the document which need to be Apostille / legalized totally depends on the purpose and Nature of work.

To Authorize or Appoint the somebody who look the Business activities in absence of owner then General power of Attorney need to be Apostille/ Legalised.

To appoint the distribution agent then deeds agreement is required to legalized.

To open the Business in some other country then certificate of Origin ,Guest Posting Memorandum of Association, Article of Association , Minutes Meeting of Board and etc these document need to be legalized.

For clearance of export shipment their certain types of document need to be legalized like Bill of Landing, commercial invoices, Packaging list, Free sales certificate, GMP certificate are needed to be legalized.

To get Employment visa Educational document and previous Employer record are required to get legalized /Apostille.

To get Dependent visa Marriage certificate and Birth certificate are required to get legalized.

As we have Discussed in the Above line that there are so many document / certificate which are required to get Legalized. It is very conceptual method after getting the Full inquiry we are able to provide you the solution. Attestation /Apostille Totally depend upon the Nature of work and purpose.

Apostille and Legalization are two Different things. Apostille is accepted in only the Hague convention countries and Legalization is only Applicable to Non HAGUE Convention contracting states. If once Apostille is done then no need to get Any legalization from the Embassy of the same country where document need to be used. Certificate attestation from concern embassy, is required for All these document in All the countries which are coming in the Non Hague Convention mean those countries which are not the member of the Hague convention. Apostille is Less time consuming process and Legalization is time consuming process. Apostille is economical And Legalization is costly process.

In the Above just we have make differentiate between the Apostille and Legalization process both the process of Authentication have own values, importance, and requirement.

Suppose someone is moving in UAE, then it does not mean that Apsotille is enough their. For UAE it is basic requirement to make validate document it should be attested from UAE Embassy. UAE is not member of the Hague convention so only attestation from UAE embassy is required.

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