Importance of Personal Branding in Recruitment Process

Jan 15


Sudarshan Sapkota

Sudarshan Sapkota

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There are four Obstacles faced in personal branding. Lack of Confidence, Approach problem, Suitability for the job, Non-verbal communication. We need to avoid these 4 things in personal branding.


The competitive environment has opened variety of career opportunities for the competent workforce. But,Importance of Personal Branding in Recruitment Process Articles there is a cut throat competition and it is a great challenge to sustain in the rat race. When the company announces its requirement for a particular position, the HR department receives hundreds or thousands of applications for even a single position. The company has lot of options available and in such circumstances the scrutiny from company becomes tough so as the competition among the candidates. In this circumstance, personal branding plays a crucial role. In today's world, no one is going to praise you, or do not wait for someone who will come and explain your qualities. The person himself has to exhibit his/her qualities and competence for the job. The qualities further should be presented very skilfully. While presenting the qualities the person should not be boastful or exaggerated in presenting his/her qualities. Presenting yourself effectively and convincing the recruiter how you are the most eligible candidate, is known as Personal branding.

In the interview, the candidate comes across a common question and that is “Why should we hire you?” Remember, it is a very good opportunity given to you by the company to exhibit your skills, knowledge and experience. Some people tend to take this question negatively and it culminated into the failure. Read the case below:


The Scene: Malvika is highly qualified. She has secured masters degree in English and communication. She is very intelligent and competent. She has a flair for writing, and teaching.  She has always been committed to everything whatever she does. She is very sound in General knowledge, and aptitude. She is very logical person. There is a financial crisis these days which make Malvika to search for any job.

Malvika is sitting in front of two persons for an interview. She is appearing for the post of a Call Centre executive in an International call centre. She is very tensed. It was her first interview for this post. Her posture was very awkward. She was sitting with her eyes down.

Male Interviewer: So Malvika, tell us something about yourself.

Malvika: I am Malvika, born and brought up in Bhopal. I have completed my graduation from Bhopal University. There are four members in my family. My father works in a private company, my mother is a housewife. My brother studies in first year B.Com. My hobbies are dancing, and reading (wipes her sweat)

(While talking she was looking here and there. Her eyes were not steady)

Male Interview: Fine........ Okay. What do you think, what is your weakness?

Malvika: My weakness is that I am a short tempered person.

(The interviewers looked at each other and then the female interviewer asks)

Female Interviewer:  So Malvika, Why do you think you are the most suitable candidate for this job?

Malvika: Ummm, it is..... because ...... because my voice is melodious....

Female Interivewer: (Surprisingly) What! Do you think that you will be appointed for singing lullaby to our customers? (Both of the interviewers laugh sarcastically)

Malvika: No...I mean (She is so fumbling and completely blank.)

The interviewers see her condition. The male interviewer tries to relax her.

Male Interviewer: Are you tensed? Okay.. go out and have water. Relax.. and then come back.

Malvika comes out of the cabin. She starts crying. She suddenly rushed out of the office, enters the lift, comes down and straightway goes to her home.


Let's analyse Malvika's case:

The first answer Malvika gave was irrelevant. It is because her self-introduction did not reflect her competence and abilities required for the job. She told about the family. The company does not have to do anything about the candidates family in self introduction.. On the other hand, you are supposed to exhibit your eligibility and your skills required for the specific job. In short Malvika failed to market herself and build her image as a confident and skilled candidate.

When the second question was asked, Malvika's answer again was not accepted. While telling your weakness again, you have to present it in a certain way that it seems to be your strong point. Thus in this question also you have a lot of scope for personal branding. Instead, Malvika's answer created a very negative impact on the interviewers. The job of a call centre executive requires lot of patience and if you are short tempered, you are not suitable for the post.

The third answer given by Malvika is also very funny. She is best candidate because her voice is melodious. Sounds weird, isn't it? She again fails in branding herself by an effective answer.

Obstacles faced in personal branding:

  1. Lack of confidence: In Malvika's case, though she is intelligent, knowledgeable, she has zero confidence and she has not been oriented for personal branding.
  2. Approach problem: Malvika has no experience of interview and so she suddenly stressed out with the questions. She has not imagined that she will have to face such kind of questions. So she started fumbling, and crying. Further, she has no courage to go again and appear for the interview. The interviewer had given her chance to come back. But she literally ran away. Her behaviour problem may be due to her personal problems, because she has some financial problem which made her stressed.

3 Suitability for the job: Malvika's temperament is basically suitable for teaching, writing. She is an academic person. But she is applying for a job which does not suit her skills and education. She could not answer effectively and market herself because she was not confident about the job.

  1. Non-verbal communication: The non-verbal communication also plays a crucial role in self branding process. Malvika's lack of confidence was reflected in her awkward movements, eye movements, and her fumbling, and later on her crying. She was not firm in her approach. While marketing us, it is necessary to use your body language also. It is because your body speaks more than your words.

To market a product or promote a brand, the foremost thing is that the person should be convinced with the product or service. Then only, he/she would be able to convince the people. The same logic is with personal branding. For personal branding, first step is you should know yourself and you should be convinced about the job that you can do it. If your mind is occupied with doubts, confusion about your own calibre, self-promotion is not possible.

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