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This article entails the job description of AVP (Assistant Vice President) Marketing and the current salary trend of Assistant Vice Presidents in marketing and sales industry.

A vice president of advertising is a person who handles promoting the services and products,Guest Posting usually only answerable to the chairperson of an organization. The marketing department's vice presidents work in unison with heads of other sections, including promotion and sales, to produce profits for his or her business. They execute a variety of jobs and work in various companies. Vice presidents of marketing and advertising additionally, interview, hire and train their staffs.


Many marketing vice presidents spend time with their organization in a different capacity before being promoted to a management position. Some work in sales or marketing, where they displayed a talent for success in developing the firm. Most companies prefer candidates having a master's or a bachelor's degree when hiring anyone to manage their advertising section. Areas of study usually contain business, sales, advertising, public relations, management and communication.


Vice presidents of publicity and marketing aim to market their business's services, products, and deals. They emphasize their business's greatest characteristics, focusing on doing their business first and keeping a close watch on the competition. VPs of advertising & marketing bring out new methods to market the organization's brand, assess trends and set costs. Sometimes, AVP of Marketing will be doubled as a business's public relations by acting like representative and helping compose and distribute press releases.


More than 225,000 workers were employed in senior management positions in the year 2014-15, as stated Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number is predicted to grow significantly in FY 2016, which will be all about the fast as average for all professions.


The AVP of marketing & advertising should have strong verbal and written communication abilities. The vice president should be assured, organized, creative and professional, along with a skillful problem solver. The assistant vice president additionally must feel comfortable in delegating and working alone, and must get it to function as a team and the best way to motivate his/her staff. Sometimes, an AVP of marketing and advertising will have to manage everyday tasks, like making worker programs and organizing workflow, along with her routine duties.

Role of Assistant Vice President in business development

An assistant vice president of business development, occasionally known as vice president of sales, is a professional who manages and directs a sales force to an organization. Reporting directly to some top executive, for example, a president or chief executive officer. These professionals ensure profitability grows by developing new strategies to bring new customers.

Management and motivating sales staff and managing the sales force includes hiring and training. This may include developing tactical plans for the sales team to sell these products or services including efficient sales and product training, along with recognition and rewards programs. The vice president of business development additionally manages the financial budget of the group to make sure company development targets are fulfilled and surpassed.  

Assistant vice president (AVP) salary in Banks

The average wage of AVP (assistant vice president) in India is somewhere around 2,086,853 INR.

  • The average basic salary is between 998,844 INR and 3,467,977 INR
  • The bonus varies between 51,419 INR and 801,026 INR
  • Profit sharing (if applicable) varies between 0.00 INR and 980,710 INR
  • Commission (if applicable) varies between 0.00 INR and 3,425,499 INR
  • Total salary of AVP varies between 1,159,844 INR and 3,860,834 INR


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