GPS Tracking Mysteries: Single And Continuous Tracking Explained

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Wondering how to read data from your GPS device? Then check out this article on the difference between single and continuous tracking

A GPS tracker is a personal remote positioning device with built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS technology in compact size. It can transmit the longitude and latitude coordinates to central database by the SMS or by some other means. By this,Guest Posting you can find its location on the Google maps or other map software.

The tracker can also upload positioning data through GPRS to a designated server. The user can look for real-time location-tracking, historical trajectory through the Internet. These features are for protecting and searching children and elders. Furthermore, it can be used for other security purposes such as asset protection and animal tracking.

Likewise GPS trackers have helped humans tackle various safety concerns, child safety being one of them. The advent of Global Positioning System has made it possible to track any individual with GPS enabled device, anywhere in the world, at any point of time. The use of this technology has become quite popular among parents, who most often use it to monitor their children from home

Single instance Vs Continuous tracking

Single instance tracking is not in real time, the host can locate or update concerned on request for example an SMS to some GPS receiver that transmits on request while continuous tracking is almost the opposite of it, sends data/location in real time and consequently requires more bandwidth then single instance track devices. Continuous tracking is normally used for high valued asset for example important shipment, and also in aviation. Single tracking is used where real time update of location is not necessary.

Child GPS Locators

These locators can help parents track and protect their children either when they are out for some school activities, or when they go out of sight in over-crowded places. Child GPS locators range from watches to small chips, which can be concealed in their accessories. Some of the GPS children locating devices are
*GPS Enabled Watch
*Wristband Locator and Ankle Bracelets
*Voice Communication System
*Concealed GPS Tracker Chip

These child GPS locators are very important tools of safety and security of your children. In general it has proved to be an effective safety tool, helping thousands of children in distress, across the world.

How do they work?

The location of the object or individual being tracked is often recorded at regular intervals. Recording of an object can take place within the GPS receiver unit, or can be transmitted to a central location such as a database, where it can be accessed either via mobile technology or over the internet. GPS tracking systems can typically be viewed in real-time and have a map in the background to display the current location of an object.


1.Real-time locating and tracking.
3.Two way talking communication
4.SOS button
5.Over speed alert
6.Support alarm and remote monitor
7.It can make the pc connect to the internet by GPRS, it equals to a wireless network card

Before buying any tracker you must yourself following questions

1.Decide which type of GPS you need. There are four main types of GPS units; the car navigation system, the portable outdoors unit, the marine system, and the PDA/GPS hybrid
2. Decide what functions you want your GPS to perform
3.What extra features are there? Extra functions are available in many GPS tracking devices, an example of this is using you in-car GPS system’s speakers as a hands free for a cell phone.

Buying without giving it a good thought can lead up to frustration of buying something you don’t want actually.

GPS Tracking Devices are one of the most versatile and useful consumer technology systems available in the marketplace today. We provide you with the information to make informed decisions on which GPS will be suitable for your unique requirements. With information on available types of GPS accessory for Car or Marine GPS, Cellular GPS and GPS Tracking Devices.

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