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My black RAZR phone is still as attractive, stylish and strong as ever, merely it betters upon the pilot V9 by adding access to AT&T Navigator turn-by-turn directions and video share calling...

My black RAZR phone is still as attractive,Guest Posting stylish and strong as ever, merely it betters upon the pilot V9 by adding access to AT&T Navigator turn-by-turn directions and video share calling. Also this RAZR2 V9x phone ups the microSD memory storage compatibility to eight gigabyte and adds touch-sensitive media buttons for comfortable access to key features like music, pictures, videos, new messages, and missed calls.This black RAZR phone boasts a hardened glass displays and solid stainless steel frame. And talking of cutting edge, the phone's stainless steel internal chassis and cast aluminum housing support makes the RAZR2 V9x phone solider and more lasting than its predecessor.This is an first-class phone! It is bright, clear, has good reception. I suppose the lustrous black color is very magnetic. I am happy with the camera quality. It's very easy to text on. Likely the best one for texting I have ever had. I like the outside screen only discover nothing especial about it. You've to unlock the screen on the outside to show messages. That can be either irritating or estimable :) The lock on the outside does keep you from accessing things too easily or handicaps you from accessing messages rapidly... The only thing I do not please is the fact that the back cover plate is slim and chips very easily. It's a bit heavy simply not such that it would keep me from recommending it.Plus, also the music feature, the flip phone is ever better than a little handbar for speaking. I am not using GPS or other features so I have no comment. Overall my black RAZR phone is a capital phone for music and I love the outside screen and button for playing music!Motorola can create better phones than the Koreans. Advantages: huge screen, two bright screens, very thin, 3G speed is quick, low profile charger, outer screen is a touch screen, camera takes quick photos, microsd memory card slot, call quality is capital, goes with 1 USB adapter to the RAZR plug adapter. Sound quality is real good, the voice activated commands work fine even for person with an accent.Again, my black RAZR phone has a metal frame so feels solid, but is heavy. It is somewhat large, so the microphone and earpiece are well positioned. Only folded the phone Is not as comfortable in a jeans pocket as a smaller RAZR phone model. I covered the outer display with a screen protector, so cannot tell whether or not the glass abrasions easily.Battery life is all right, simply not large. The dedicated keys for cellular video and internet access are either side of the navigation pad and can't be disabled or reconfigured. They are light to accidentally press. This is irritating if you do not have a data plan.It is a lovely phone. All forms of features included. I like the option to print pictures. I havent tried it yet, but I like its included! The paper tab to help instal and uninstall the battery. Keep it flat though or the battery cover won't go back on correctly. The speaker phone option functions fine too.I purchased this black RAZR phone soon after it became available and enjoyed it. Until I got it wet and fried the thing. My error I know. At all events, the point is...this RAZR phone had a superior viewing screen, phone buttons were not too little and the camera was really clear. Online access was capital! I loved this black RAZR phone such that even with everything else on the sale. Now, I'm getting another one!

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