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...Secondly, I only use my black RAZR phone to make and receive calls. I could care less about internet access, text messaging or photographic camera. I've other much better quality digital equipment for the rest of that stuff...

First of all,Guest Posting not all RAZR phones, even as is models are not produced equal. Each mobile company has a its own variant, with its own software system variation. Even keypad layout is another. So when learning reviews or request friends for their opinion, make certain not only the model number is as is but it's also Sprint's, Cingular's or whatever company you are with. Secondly, I only use my black RAZR phone to make and receive calls. I could care less about internet access, text messaging or photographic camera. I've other much better quality digital equipment for the rest of that stuff.All I take out of my black RAZR phone is great reception, lightweight and ease of use. Yearly I make use of Sprint's thirty day trial and try every new phone that makes out out. I have always come back to my 6 yr old Sprint scp-6000 which is still the greatest, smallest and lightest phone ever made. Only cause for changing phones now was to go bluetooth. To cut the cord. Bluetooth headsets have come a long process in even a year to where call quality and battery life is good enough to be used regularly.And on this point, my black RAZR phone has a fatal flaw. Receiving calls is no problem. You never have to touch the RAZR phone to answer or end a call. Simply it's impossible to access Sprint's Voice Command (SVC) without using the phone keypad. If you do not know, and most Sprint sales reps do not even know this, voice command is a feature that admits you to enter up to 500 contacts with multiple telephone numbers directly onto Sprint's internet site. It is method easier than entering all that data via a phone's lilliputian keypad so it's easy to enter or even upload numbers you seldom call but made need at a important moment while on the road. The information is attached to your phone number so if you lose your dear black RAZR phone, your information is still safe. It is the best $5/mo spent.To dial, you only press Send from your V3m RAZR phone and via elementary voice commands say the system who to call, what number to dial or to read back a particular contact's telephone number if you need to write it down. Of course, the RAZR phone and all recently phones have their own phone voice command characteristic built in but the quality of their voice recognition software, built into a little mobile phone, can not compare to SVC which lives on a big computer system.With my black RAZR phone or any other cellular phone I have tried, I all of the time have to correct the voice recognition software. It's amiss every other call or number I read out. I never have a problem using SVC. It's like calling Sprint directly, a better credit card company or airway. Their voice directed voicemail all of the time understands what you are telling.As I said, this is where my black RAZR phone fails. With most other cell phones, I can make phonebook or voice command as a contact and plainly enter as the telephone number. From my bluetooth, I plainly use the phone's built-in voice recognition system to call phonebook or call voice command and I am automatically put into SVC where I can access all of my contacts. Therefore I can literally spend all day answering and making calls from my bluetooth headset without touching my RAZR phone. And without using the phone's own voice recognition and repeatedly correcting it. This is great!But my black RAZR phone won't let me to enter as a phone number for a contact. Therefore the only method to access voice command is to draw out the phone and physically press the key. And having to all of the time keep the V3m phone out handy to dial to get a number I can not remember or when I am fed up with RAZR's own software repeatedly getting my command wrong and I choose to dial the cell number manually, defeats half the benefit of going bluetooth. Moreover, since of its thin design, unless you are a woman with nails, it's a crafty operate opening the RAZR phone with one hand while driving.However, I was surprised with RAZR's reception. Got a powerful signal in areas where generally I can never make a call. Someone complain about long-play software response, I did not discover it. But then they possibly texting or using other features I don't. My black RAZR phone is the great looking phone but it failed for the one cause I was trading up. Differently, if you do not use a headset, all of the time dial via keypad and keep the cell phone in a bag, you should be happy with this RAZR phone.

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