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I got this black RAZR phone about 2 months ago. It is a very respectable RAZR phone and my favorite out there to date. It's a very great vibrant screen inside, among the best I've viewed up to now...

I got this black RAZR phone about 2 months ago. It is a very respectable RAZR phone and my favorite out there to date. It's a very great vibrant screen inside,Guest Posting among the best I've viewed up to now. It besides features the fresh updated menus which happen to be pretty nice. The camera is pretty effective only after my last L* that had a flash its a bit heavy to get wont to not having amazing pictures everytime since of unfit lighting. In well light situations the camera is pretty pleasant with its 2MP cam. The battery is practically more serious than the old RAZR phones out there simply if you are like me and going to be using all features united with a full quantity of talk time and texting the battery still was not as capital as I'd have trusted. My previous L* could last through the daytime.This black RAZR phone I some of the times had to charge already come evening time. The RAZR VE20 phone has a genuine pleasant look and feel to it! The sound quality is capital and plays all my music very good and very easy. It is an comprehensive capital RAZR phone and I'd seriously love it if it had simply a little more battery and a flash. It would be ideal then. This black RAZR phone is a little costly though I got a discount after calling and saying them it was just above my budget right now. I think whoever gets this RAZR phone loves it! No problems til now!Wanted to add about the outside screen. It is a genuinely nice size. Not excessively bright and also for maybe using it when my music is playing I did not actually have a lot use for it. Only you may disagree. You will be able to read your texts, see your pictures, new calls and so forth from the outside screen. Not sure why you'd prefer to but its there!My friend says: "I've had this black RAZR phone for 3 weeks now after my RAZR2 V8's display went out. Initially, I was not so excited to go back to a VE20 phone since the RAZR2 V8 was so smooth and sexy! I've since exchanged my view on the VE20. The principal betterment is the lack of lag time when I am doing pretty much anything on this RAZR phone -- texting, bringing up my list of contacts, internet stuff, even the time it takes for the display to come up when opening the telephone! The RAZR2 V8 was more slow.Some other great betterment is that text messages aren't showed on the outside screen for anybody who's near your black RAZR phone to read. Battery life is too a lot improved compared with the RAZR2. Particularly with bluetooth, the V8 would suck battery life like demented! I'd have to charge noonday if I was on my headset many. This black RAZR phone looks to have sensible battery life, even with playing music for a few hours.Calls with and without the headset are light. No charges about the speakerphone. Additional little, but great betterment is the cover to the charging jack. The one on the RAZR VE20 is created with a sturdier plastic that can swivel around lighter. Altogether, this black RAZR phone is a capital phone, particularly if you are accustomed RAZR phones and can not seem to break away from them like I can not!"I like this black RAZR phone that's simple to use. This one is simple and has numerous cool functions along with it. I've had nothing but L* phones for a while as I did not like my MotoRAZR I had long ago but I like this one more. It is a real fine phone.This black RAZR phone has a satisfying multimedia feature set, superior displays and decent call quality. It besides has superior music and video quality. Certainly, it's another RAZR phone, but it's solid and reliable cell phone in its own right. If you are seeking good phone, it's worth a see.

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