Nokia 8600 Luna review

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In short if someone is looking for style, optimum features and functionally then Nokia Luna would be the best to suggest or buy. You can purchase wide range of cell phones including nokia luna from wireless galaxy online shopping store for cheapest price at your door step.

Nokia 8600 Luna (Expert review)Key Features Technology Quad Band (GSM 850,Guest Posting GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900) Bluetooth technology ™ 2-inch TFT QVGA 16.7 million color screen (320 by 240 pixels) 2 Mega-pixel camera with digital zoom 4 x FM 128 MB of memory The Nokia 8600 Luna is a fashion phone with high quality features. Nokia 8600 Luna was designed with attention to give it an extra ordinary effect and beauty. This cell phone has a body made of stainless steel and comes with soft lines and edges that make 8600 Luna very attractive. The phone has a slide opening which allows the user to open the cover of tinted glass slides to reveal a slim and elegant keyboard. The tinted smoky glass cover protects the keyboard at the front of the camera and the camera lens at the rear of the handset. The tinted glass coverage does not cover navigation tool phones and keys, allowing the user to operate the characteristics when the phone is in the closed position slide. The Nokia 8600 Luna has fine looks, which is also known as the Black Beauty because of its distinctive black casing and attractive keypad, which makes it possible to cover the keypad to shine under the cover of smoked glass. The phone comes with a 2-inch color screen that displays up to 16.7 million colors QVGA on a thin film transistor screen. The screen provides the user with a clear display and color on the combined mode, which focuses on his image and capabilities of the media. This cell phone is thin and easy to manage, with dimensions of 107 mm in height by 45 mm in width and 15.9 mm in depth. The Nokia 8600 Luna weight is 140 grams including battery which sits in a position to maintain and operate in one hand very easily. The nokia luna comes with a well-protected lens, which is below the smoked glass ceiling. The camera is 2 mega-pixels with a 4 x zoom feature. The camera feature allows the user to capture still images as well as videos. The user can choose a landscape mode to insure the highest prize or recording is done for all the shots. The video functions are easy to use and allows the user to get the most out of your phone, which includes video and video streaming capabilities. The user can edit their photos and videos to ensure they get the perfect finish every time. The Nokia 8600 Luna comes with 128 MB of memory which allows the user store their photos and record videos. The phone integrates an Internet browser, which provides the user with XHTML via TCP / IP web browsing. The user can play their favorite songs in the built in music player that will play lots of music including AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, MP3, MIDI, AMR and WMA formats. The user can enjoy Bluetooth stereo audio A2DP which provides the user with wireless audio streaming in 8600 Luna. The phone supports a wide range of tones which include 64 voice polyphonic sounds, MIDI, 3D stereo sound and video ring-tones. The phone supports over the air downloads to have ring-tones, music, wallpapers and much more very easily. The user can listen to on-air music with built-in FM radio and to relax with the choice of music. The phone call capabilities are always important for the mobile user which includes many user-friendly features and appealing shortcut. The phone comes with call log record which allows the user to access the list of missed and received calls. The Nokia 8600 has speed dialing option which makes your life easy by just pressing single button to dial your frequent dialing number. . The user can use the hands-free and speaker phone to make a call. The phone comes with features that include voice recorder, voice commands and voice functionality. The phone comes with a flight mode which allows accessing certain features on mobile phone when the mobile phone is in limited areas, like in a hospital or theft. The phones extinguish all functions related to the transmission to ensure the Nokia 8600 Luna as not to disturb any equipment of sensitive areas. The phone comes with preloaded games that provide the user with the rapidly changing entertainment and loan hoping to create a challenge. The preloaded games include high-roller casino, 3D golf news and football 3D game.SMS and MMS features are also there to let use express emotions using MMS and to send information to each other through SMS; this messaging service comes with a comprehensive predictive text feature, which supports all major European languages. The multimedia messaging service allows users to send and receive messages with text, sound and complete with a photo or video to communicate with a compatible multimedia messaging. You can take advantage of a line are consistent with the contacts that are on-line while the user. The Nokia 8600 Luna supports audio messages, which allows the user to send a voice recording using the multimedia messaging service.Mobile e-mail service supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 which allows users to enjoy a full and complete experience of attachments to e-mail. The 8600 Luna can be connected to a selection of devices including a computer or a portable printer to print images directly without transferring them to computer; you can also download data or print photos. Nokia Luna is compatible with devices using either a Bluetooth wireless connection or a USB cable connection. The phone battery will provide up to 240 hours of standby time for a battery at full load, or approximately 3.7 hours of talk time. The Nokia 8600 Luna is well equipped with a starter kit which includes phone battery, charger, headphones, AC adapter, USB cable micro leather pouch, neck, polishing cloth, user manual and CD ROM with Nokia PC Suite software version 6.83. The phone works in a quad-band network which automatically switches between bands and provides the user a global network of the network's coverage of the provider. You can also download free games using GPRS, but you have to make sure that your service provider is providing you the facility to download stuff, at&t wireless is one of the service provider offering all the necessary cell phone services.

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