Pabx Phone Systems for Small Businesses in Australia

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In today’s world, most businesses are looking for telecommunication solutions that are cost-effective and efficient.

With traditional phone systems,Guest Posting phone bills and installation costs are often through the roof. This has led to its moderate decline within the business workplace. To face these challenges, fortunately, there is a highly useful modern telecom system known as PABX system. PABX is an acronym for private automatic branch exchange and are the most widely used phone systems chosen by small, mid-size, and large-scale businesses. They help in achieving the end goal - that is to make and receive phone calls. PABX systems have been around for years and are primarily used by businesses that require a dedicated phone network.  

For the ones who are not familiar with the PABX, or “private automatic branch exchange”, they will find this article helpful. Here in this post today, we’ve discussed in detail about what are PABX systems, what are its benefits and its types.  

What is a PBX Phone System?  

A PABX phone system is an office system developed to handle the incoming and outgoing calls. These systems are digital and operate on hardware that can be stored on the company premises or outside the company, and is usually maintained by a third-party organization. Nowadays, with more sophisticated technology and programming, these systems support many more features to upgrade business.  

A PABX system is a highly customizable and cost-effective option suitable for all types of businesses and allows to manage all the incoming calls with just one system.   

Benefits of PABX systems 

Affordability: The cost of a PABX system is much less expensive when compared with the traditional phone systems. There are feature sets associated with these systems that are low cost. And it operates around the clock to ensure all calls are properly directed.   

Manage High Call Volumes: A PABX phone system can handle high volumes of calls efficiently without requiring additional staff to answer incoming calls. Callers to your business will not receive a busy signal and every phone call will be answered and transferred correctly. With this Business Phone system, companies can ensure that every caller gets through. Instead of hiring temporary staff and train them to manage the additional call volumes, a business can use these systems to manage busy and unpredictable periods. Hence, a PBX system can easily handle the varying call volumes.  

Remote connectivity: Digital PBX systems are highly reliable. It allows users from outside the office, on a connection through the internet. In other words, these systems forward phone calls to employees in their home offices or another part of the country. This means calls can also be forwarded to employees on the go via their smartphones or mobile devices.  

Different Types of PBX Phone Systems?  

A PABX telephone system for a business should not be considered a one-size-fits-all solution. That is why every system is highly customizable with a choice of features.  

There's a choice of selecting from three different kinds of systems:  

  • Traditional PBX System  
  • IP PBX System  
  • Hosted or Virtual PBX System 

Looking for above and beyond PABX services to help your business grow?  

Your business venture deserves telecom services that doesn’t cut corners. Over 15 years, GenesysTel is a value-based telecom company in Australia delivering affordable pabx telephone system for all types of small and medium-sized businesses. It specializes in offering sustainable and reliable pabx system to help businesses save money, time and resources.  

With responsive business phone system contributed by GenesysTel. Businesses can also secure diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors. 

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