Automatic Batch Posting in Great Plains Microsoft Dynamics GP overview

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If you are ecommerce developer and program web site integration with back office accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics GP, then likely you are deploying eConnect SDK software development to move placed orders and customer payments to GP Sales Order Processing module

eConnect does wonderful job – it creates or updates customer record,Guest Posting creates SOP batch and customer invoice with deposit in the batch created.  So far everything is beautiful, now you need just as small step to accomplish your work, post the batch created right from your e-commerce application, and here you got surprised by understanding that eConnect doesn’t post batches, it doesn’t has this functionality.  We would like to review Autoposting Server, designed and maintained by Alba Spectrum Dexterity development team

1.       GP Dexterity Source code involvement in the batch posting.  Dynamics.DIC dictionary has native GP Dexterity functionality to post batch of various origin and in essence all the origins.  However it is not obvious, even for Great Plains Dexterity programmer with decent experience in coding on how to design autopost and how to deploy native Dex posting logic.  GP Autopost resolves this dilemma and all you need to do as programmer is to place batch record into custom batch posting status table

2.       Posting all the way automatic from your e-commerce website.  In GP posting path is defined in posting settings.  If you set GP to post SOP invoices all the way through AR module to GP General Ledger – complete automating will be achieved

3.       Third Party Add-Ons batch posting.  Add-Ons, designed by GP ISV partners have their own ways to create and post batches within their satellite modules, however when transactions in the posting cycles will reach Great Plains, Dexterity posting process will take over and so there is high chance that Alba Spectrum Autopost will do the job.  We encourage you to check with us

4.       Microsoft Dexterity Customizations.  If you need customization design, support or upgrade, we are happy to help you with it through our Microsoft Dexterity Software Development Factory

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