Difference between Refilled ink Cartridges and OEM Cartridges

Nov 7




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This article compares the benefits of using refilled ink cartridge against OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printer ink cartridges.

Refilled ink cartridges are ordinary printer cartridges those have been refilled through the exact same process through which the original ink cartridges were manufactured. Refilled cartridges reuse all the parts of an already used inkjet cartridge while only replacing the parts that really needed replacement. On the other hand,Difference between Refilled ink Cartridges and OEM Cartridges Articles OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges are made of unused material and parts.

OEM ink cartridges are costlier because not only the material and parts used in their building are new but the ink filled in it as well. Refilled cartridges as the name suggests are the ones which are up to 60 to 70% cheaper in comparison to OEM cartridges. The reason for this low price is that the refilled printer ink cartridge usually refilled with new ink and in most of the cases all its parts are reused. In extreme cases some parts are replaced but that significantly reduces the cost.

OEM ink cartridges are more reliable. Even some recent researches on inkjet printer cartridges by leading inkjet printer manufacturers suggests the chances of a brand new OEM cartridge to fail are around 3 to 5 %. On the other hand, chances of failure of a cartridge that has been refilled might be 5 to 6 times or even more. This advocates the reliability advantage of OEM cartridges over the refilled cartridges. On the other hand being low cost, refilled printer cartridges are ideal for budget customers with ordinary printing jobs to be done.

OEM printer ink cartridges can be refilled from 5 to 20 times depending on the type of cartridge and its particular printer make. This makes an OEM cartridge more reliable even for a reuse. On the other hand buying a refilled cartridge, you will be not sure how many more times you can refill the cartridge before discarding.


The impact of using a refilled ink cartridge on the environment is immense. All the material need to build a new OEM cartridge is saved. This also saves our often neglected ecological system. On the other hand using an OEM ink cartridge every time our inkjet printer cartridge is exhausted will be dearly taxing on the environment. The materials sent into the garbage will not dispose off for hundreds of years. Going green thus means going for a refilled ink cartridge instead of a brand new OEM printer cartridge.

It finally is on you to decide which kind of printer ink cartridges are you interested in using. You should analyze your needs, budget, and tradeoffs to see which cartridges suit you best.