Everything to Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery

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This article tells you about everything that you need to know about tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck also known by the name Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that is mainly done to remove excess fat and skin from the lower and middle abdomen. It is also done to tighten the abdominal wall muscles.

With the invention of tummy tuck surgery a protruding abdomen can be dramatically reduced. It is important to know everything before considering any surgery as no surgery comes without any risk. Though not an essential surgery,Guest Posting tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai & India is becoming quite popular amongst those who are not very happy about their body shape and hence want to improve it.

Though considered a cosmetic procedure, the operation that is required to be undergone by the patient is a major one and a substantial recovery period is also needed. It is advisable to allow at least few weeks of rest to your body for it to be reasonably back to normal. However, it may take months before the recovery is complete.

The surgery is usually recommended for those people who were obese previously but then lost a great deal of weight. Due to loosing lot of weight there is excess skin hanging around the abdomen. The surgery is performed to lose the hanging skin. Such surgery can also be a remedy for women who have been left with stretch marks and sagging skin after pregnancy.

Since it is a major surgery, the patient should be in good health before the surgery so that the surgery is smooth and the recovery process is also fastened. Although tummy tuck is a solution to help an obese person lose weight, it is advisable to use other means of losing weight first such as through exercise and diet before going for tummy tuck.

There are several complications that may be involved in such surgeries such as risk of developing blood clot, risk of developing respiratory issues and so on. There can be chance of developing infection after the surgery as well resulting in slow recovery. In case of women it is not recommended for those who would like to be pregnant again. In fact it is a good idea to deliver the baby first and then go for tummy tuck.

A compete tummy tuck can last between two to five hours. The time required generally depends on the extent of work that is involved. Mini or partial tummy tuck take much less time than complete tummy tuck. After the surgery is performed the abdomen will be swollen and the patient is likely to experience discomfort and pain which can be controlled by taking medicines that will be prescribed by your doctor.

After the surgery is performed the patent may be kept in the hospital for few days under observation to see how the body reacts to the event. Taking the medicines and following the diet as fixed by the doctor will help the patient to get back to normal health quickly.

Since it is a major medical procedure, the surgery may leave an abdominal scar. A good surgeon will try to minimize the visibility of the scar as much as possible but it is not possible to remove it all together.

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