How Businesses Could be Benefited from RHEL Managed Services?

Jan 17


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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RHEL managed services help businesses simplify their Kubernetes deployment and reduce operational overhead & complexities.


Containers are empowering teams and powering innovation for quickly delivering valuable business results. However,How Businesses Could be Benefited from RHEL Managed Services? Articles with this opportunity comes complexity. To build and manage a container environment yourself is difficult. Just ask yourself: Do you have the time and expertise to maintain, upgrade, and secure your Kubernetes deployment? With RHEL Managed Services, you can reduce operational complexity, thus enabling your focus to build and scale applications that add more value to your business. Let us discuss how it can be beneficial to your business.  

Faster time to value and increase in operational efficiencies

It offers a self-service dashboard that provides fully-managed clusters within minutes. There is a 90 percent increase in developer productivity for application deployment, testing, and development. Moreover, due to a reduction in time to market, there is an increased focus on value-added applications.

The managed services provide multi-deployment and multi-cloud options, have flexible consumption-based pricing, are fully managed from daily operations to infrastructure, and hybrid accessibility increases portability.

Round the clock expert support and Managed services offerings

RHEL managed services is financially-backed with 99.95 percent SLA, high security with automated pricing, filling the gaps in internal resources and skills, and offers zero-downtime upgrades and SRE maintenance.

The reduced total cost of ownership: There is more to the total cost of Kubernetes than the subscription cost itself.

Fully-Managed: Unlike other managed services on the market, Red Hat manages the full-stack, not just the Kubernetes control plane, and is backed by the experience of our specialized 24x7 global SRE team.

More than Kubernetes: Red Hat Managed Services delivers a complete application development, deployment, and runtime platform adding features such as monitoring, security, logging, build pipelines, service mesh, etc. on top of upstream Kubernetes.

Available on all major public clouds: Whether you’re already using a public cloud provider or transition to the public cloud, Red Hat OpenShift Managed services are available on every major public cloud, giving you the flexibility and choice for choosing the offering that best fits your requirements.

Benefits to your business

It is highly cost-effective. A simple pricing model makes the Managed Services excellent valuable with predictable costs. Working alongside in-house engineers complementing your existing assets, or completely outsourcing to us. Working with you from conception to systems architecture, to completion and ongoing support. It can collaborate with you and your customers with white-label options. Providing both reactive and proactive support services, with optional 24*7 coverage and SLAs. Such services procure the right licenses on your behalf. On-site engineers suitable for sensitive data environments are available upon request

Pricing model

Our managed services are available in two flavors - reactive and proactive.

Reactive Managed Services

Suitable for start-ups and low-risk, low-cost systems. It provides a small monthly retainer that includes round the clock monitoring and a pay-as-you-go support model, priced by the hour, and charged in 15-minute blocks

Proactive Managed Services

A fully managed network and hosting environment that includes 24/7 monitoring and access to the operating system, database, network, and software engineers. Moreover, they comprise proactive upgrades of security patches, kernels, and base OS as well as optional 24/7 coverage and SLAs.